logobest_010VCBH research includes randomized clinical trials and outpatient laboratory studies on a wide range of topics related to drug abuse and other health behaviors, behavioral economics and behavioral pharmacology. Our research program is supported by P20, P50, R01, R03 and R34 grants from the National Institutes of Health and also includes industry-sponsored projects.

Current VCBH research includes:

  • 1RO1HD078332 (PI: Stephen T. Higgins)
    Agency: NIH/DHHS
    Behavioral Economic Approach to Reducing Maternal Smoking in Disadvantaged Women

  • 1P50DA036114 (PI: Stephen T. Higgins)
    Agency: FDA
    Vermont Center on Tobacco Regulatory Sciences

  • P20GM103644 (PI: Stephen T. Higgins)
    Agency: NIGMS
    Vermont Center on Behavior and Health
    COBRE Fact Sheet (PDF)

  • T32 DA007242 (PI: Stephen T. Higgins)
    Agency: NIDA
    Training in Behavioral Pharmacology of Drug Abuse

  • R01DA036670 (PI: Sarah H. Heil)
    Agency: NIDA
    Improving Effective Contraceptive Use among Opioid-maintained Women: Stage II

  • R01HDA075669 (PI: Stephen T. Higgins)
    Agency: NICHD
    Financial Incentives for Smoking Cessation among Disadvantaged Pregnant Women

  • R01 CA1673176 (PI: John R. Hughes)
    Agency: NCI
    A Test of Two Clinical Methods to Prompt a Quit Attempt Among Smoker

  • R01 DA031928 (PI: Sarah H. Heil)
    Agency: NIDA
    Testing the Reliability and Validity of Pupil Diameter in Opioid-Exposed Neonates

  • R34DA037385 (PI: Stacey C. Sigmon)
    Agency: NIDA
    Interim Treatment: Leveraging Buprenorphine + Technology to Bridge Waitlist Delays

  • Grant PS12-1201 (Consultant: Stacey C. Sigmon)
    Agency: CDC, DHHS
    Innovative, High Impact HIV Prevention for Injection Drug Users