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Proposed Biomedical Research Complex

Ensuring the Future of Research at UVM 

Biomedical science and technology change people’s lives for the better. Physicians and scientists at the University of Vermont are key agents of that change — spurring world-class developments in the areas of cardiovascular, cancer, neurobehavioral, and health care delivery research.

This is a place where real innovation and progress is being made. Continuing that progress means investing in the future by building flexible, collaborative spaces that share resources efficiently and support performance and growth of our research enterprise.

Preliminary work has begun toward creating a biomedical research complex that will include a new building and a rehabilitated Given Building. These spaces will accommodate faculty and staff from both the Larner College of Medicine and the College of Arts and Sciences Department of Psychological Science. The proposed location for the new building is adjacent to the Health Sciences Research Facility (HSRF).

Architectural Team: 

  • Payette Associates, Boston
  • Black River Design, Montpelier


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Spring - Fall (2018)
  • Schematic Design continues
  • October 2018 and February 2019 - design and finance updates to UVM Board of Trustees
October Board of Trustees Meeting
  • Design and Finance presented for consideration
November 2019
  • New Building Ground Breaking
May 2021
  • New Building Completed
June 2021
  • Given Renovations Begin
May 2024
  • Given Renovations Completed

Click the image to view the larger rendering.

Aerial Rendering of Proposed Research Complex