Perinatal Quality Collaborative Vermont

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The Perinatal Quality Collaborative Vermont (PQC-VT) is a formal partnership of long-standing Vermont Child Health Improvement Program projects that have joined forces to become Vermont’s resource for perinatal care. In partnership with the Family and Child Health Division at the Vermont Department of Health, the PQC-VT will mobilize state networks to implement quality improvement efforts and improve care for mothers, babies and their families. The mission of the PQC-VT is to optimize health access, treatment, and outcomes in pregnancy and infancy through collaboration and continuous quality improvement.

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  • Spring 2023 Annual Statewide Statistics conferences to review perinatal outcomes data in the context of key maternal and newborn quality indicators. 


Breena Holmes, MD, FAAP, Professor of Pediatrics
Marjorie Meyer, MD, Professor of Maternal Fetal Medicine and Vice Chair for Obstetrics
Kelley McLean, MD, Associate Professor of Maternal Fetal Medicine
Charles Mercier, MD, Professor of Pediatrics
Michelle Shepard, MD, PhD, Assistant Professor of Pediatrics
Adrienne Pahl, MD, Assistant Professor of Neonatology
Marianne (Molly) Rideout, MD, Professor of Pediatrics
Carole McBride, PhD, Assistant Professor and Faculty Scientist, Research of Obstetrics & Gynecology
Deirdre O'Reilly, MD, Associate Professor of Neonatology
Whittney Barkhuff, MD, Assistant Professor of Neonatology
Delia Horn, MD, Assistant Professor of Neonatology
Aaron Wallman-Stokes, MD, Assistant Professor of Neonatology

Vermont Department of Health
Ilisa Stalberg, MSS, MLSP, Family and Child Health Director
Katy Leffel, RN, BSN, IBCLC, Perinatal Nurse Coordinator
Laura Pentenrieder, MPH, Program Manager

Julie Parent, MSW, Project Director
Samantha Bellinger, MA, Program Specialist
Avery Rasmussen, MPH, Data Manager
Angela Zinno, MA, Project Coordinator


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Current Projects
Alliance for Innovation in Maternal Health
Improving Care for Opioid-Exposed Newborns

Perinatal Mental Health

Safe Infant Sleep Education
Other PQC-VT Work

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