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The New Yorker:  The Matter of Black Lives by Jelani Cobb (March 14, 2016 issue) (7/13/2020)


Pediatricians Say Children Should Return to School. Are They Out of Their Minds? What is the American Academy of Pediatrics Thinking? By David Hill (July 7, 2020) (7/10/2020)

From Slam Poetry To Mr. Rogers: What Vermont Artists Have To Teach Us About Race (VPR) (7/1/2020)



We Can Do This! (created by Aaron Burley) (7/1/2020)


All About Choice: Alone, With a Buddy, In a Flock (7/1/2020)


American Academy of Pediatrics


Top Pediatrician Says States Shouldn't Force Schools To Reopen If Virus Is Surging (July 8, 2020)  (7/13/2020)


Provider Relief Fund: Information and Resources (7/10/2020)


Drowning Prevention Toolkit (7/6/2020)


COVID-19 Response: Advocacy Report (June 29, 2020) (7/1/2020)


Pediatrics Technical Report: Electronic Documentation in Pediatrics: The Rational and Functionality Requirements (6/29/2020)

Pediatrics Policy Statement: Electronic Documentation in Pediatrics: The Rationale and Functionality Requirements (6/29/2020)

Return to School During COVID-19 (6/29/2020)


NEW COVID-19 Planning Considerations: Guidance for School Re-entry (6/29/2020)


The AAP Parenting Website (6/22/2020)
Link: Racism and Its Effects on Pediatric Health (6/17/2020)


Link: Pediatrics Collections: COVID-19 (6/17/2020)


Statement from AAP President Dr. Sally Goza on racism and child health (6/1/2020)


AAP Media Press Release: American Academy of Pediatrics Condemns Racism, Offers Advice for Families for How to talk to their
 ( 6/1/2020)


AAP Policy Statement: Journal: Pediatrics: The Impact of Racism on Child and Adolescent Health (6/1/2020)


Characteristics of Adult Outpatients and Inpatients with COVID-19 — 11 Academic Medical Centers, United States, March–May 2020 (7/1/2020)

Discontinuation of Transmission-Based Precautions and Disposition of Patients with COVID-19 in Healthcare Settings (Interim Guidance) (6/22/2020)

Coding, Billing & Payment

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COVID-19 Modeling

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Information around Childcare



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Information for Clinical/Health Care Professionals 


Current UVM Health Network COVID-19 Resources and FAQs for Health Care Providers (7/10/2020)


UVM Medical Center COVID-19: Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Guidelines (7/10/2020)


UVM MC Inpatient PPE Guidelines (July 7, 2020) (7/10/2020)


School Liaison Contact List (6/15/2020)


NEW CARES Act Provider Relief Fund Portal (6/12/2020)


Meal Distribution for Those in Need (6/10/2020)


Resources for EVERYONE in Our Community (6/8/2020)


Link: The University of Vermont Health Network: COVID Re-Entry Policy: Pre-Procedural Testing (6/3/2020)


Link: The University of Vermont Health Network COVID Re‐Entry Policy: Pre‐Procedural Testing Exceptions List (updated May 15, 2020) (6/3/2020)


Link: The University of Vermont Health Network: For Health Care Providers: Access resources, including frequently asked questions and COVID-19 protocols. (6/3/2020)

Pregnant Population and Newborns

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State of Vermont


Ongoing COVID-19 Testing Events (6/22/2020)


Action and Allyship: An On-Ramp Towards Equity (6/19/2020)


Office of the Governor

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United States Coast Guard


Guide: How to Choose the Right Life Jacket (7/6/2020)


Vermont Agency of Administration


Meal Distribution for Those in Need (6/12/2020)


Vermont Agency of Commerce and Community Development


News: Update on New Work Safe Additions to the Be Smart, Stay Safe Order (7/10/2020)


Safe and Healthy Return to Campus Mandatory Guidance for College and University Campus Learning (7/9/2020)


Update on New Work Safe Additions to the Be Smart, Stay Safe Order (6/19/2020


Cross State Travel Information (6/8/2020)

Vermont Agency of Education


A Strong and Healthy Start: Safety and Health Guidance for Reopening Schools, Fall 2020 (issued & revised on June 17, 2020) (6/19/2020) 


Vermont Agency of Human Services

Department for Children and Families: COVID-19 Resources for CIS Providers (7/1/2020)


Vermont Department of Financial Regulation

COVID-19 Modeling July 10, 2020 (Presentation available at (7/13/2020)


Insurance Bulletin No. 209: Access to COVID-19 Testing (March 6, 2020) (7/8/2020)


COVID-19 Modeling: Weekly Data and Updated Travel Policy (6/29/2020)


Vermont Department of Health: Selected Information 


Weekly Summary of Vermont COVID-19 Data Reflecting cases identified between March 5 – July 8, 2020 (7/13/2020)


COVID-19 Testing Plan: A Coordinated Public Health and Health Care Response (June 30, 2020) (7/10/2020)


NEW Website Testing Section Enter your location and multiple options are provided. (7/6/2020)


Weekly Update of VT COVID-19 Data (July 2, 2020) (7/6/2020)


Weekly Summary of VT COVID-19 Data (cases identified 3/5-6/24) (6/29/2020)


Offices of Local Health School Liaisons - map (6/24/2020)


Offices of Local Health School Liaisons - detailed district and school list (6/24/2020)


COVID-19 Testing at Pop-Up Sites (6/19/2020)


Link: Information For Child Care And Summer Programs (6/17/2020)


Guidelines for Outdoor Visitation for Long Term Care Residential Facilities (6/17/2020)


Contact Your (VDH) Local Health Office to Make Connections with Your School Liaisons


Guidance for Visitors and Returning Travelers: Effective June 8, 2020 (6/8/2020)
COVID-19: What is isolation, quarantine and self-isolation? (revised 06/08/2020) (6/8/2020)
Link: COVID-19 Testing Events (6/3/2020)
Link: Vermont Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS) (6/3/2020)


Weekly Summary of Data March 5-27, 2020 (6/3/2020)


Multisystem Inflammatory Disease and COVID-19 (May 2020) (6/1/2020)



HAN: Health Alert Network


HAN: Guidance on Ordering Testing for Patients Prior to Discharge from Emergency Departments to Inpatient Psychiatric Care Settings (6/15/2020)


HAN: Updated Novel Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19)-Related Recommendations on Quarantine - June 3, 2020 (6/4/2020)
HAN: COVID-19 Diagnostic Anterior Nares Testing: Prioritization and Specimen Collection - June 2, 2020 (6/3/2020)


HAN: Use of Pulse Oximeters to Monitor Novel Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) Among Individuals
with Laboratory-Confirmed SARS-CoV-2 Infection



Vermont Medical Society


Legislative and Regulatory Update (7/6/2020)