Efficient and effective systems to coordinate care for children and youth with special health needs continues to rise as a priority area. There is significant momentum around this work, and we recognize past, present, and future efforts of our stakeholders and partners. With this energy comes a desire to convene our stakeholders and partners to ensure that there is alignment in improvement opportunities, measurement, and evaluation between organizations. Our work also provides an opportunity to promote shared learning across our collaborators and partners.


Vision: The Care Coordination Summits will bring together healthcare professionals, organizations, patients, families, and other interested parties around a shared vision for improving and uniting care coordination efforts for children and youth with special health needs.


  • Assess the current landscape of care coordination systems for children and youth with special health needs in Vermont.
  • Partner with stakeholders to:
    • Gain consensus of priority areas to address
    • Support shared learning and identification of improvement strategies
    • Agree on evaluation and measurement strategies



Care Coordination