Child Health Advances Measured in Practice (CHAMP)

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The CHAMP program is a unique statewide initiative for all interested Vermont primary care practices dedicated to improving preventive services and health outcomes for children from birth through adolescence. With providers from fifty (50) pediatric and family medicine practices now in CHAMP, VCHIP engages practices of all sizes and from all regions of the state. CHAMP is a voluntary network of practices connected by, and focused on, learning about relevant clinical topics, having access to current evidence-based resources and tools, joining their colleagues in quality improvement initiatives, and participating in an important annual data collection program staffed by VCHIP. 

VCHIP launched CHAMP in 2012 by building on its long-term partnerships with the University of Vermont College of Medicine, the Vermont Department of Health, the Vermont Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), and the Vermont Academy of Family Physicians. CHAMP's long-term goal is to increase the efficiency, economy, and quality of care provided to Medicaid-eligible children and families. Building on the momentum of Bright Futures and Vermont's health care reform activities, this initiative has created a multi-year network of practices that engage in collaborative improvement activities to meet the evolving needs of health care professionals, children and families.

A formal recruitment for new pediatric and family medicine practices occurs every summer. Practices also may join other times throughout the year. 


CHAMP creates a longitudinal approach to improving health outcomes for Vermont children, youth and families by connecting and engaging Vermont pediatric providers in relevant and timely evidence-based and data-driven educational and quality improvement activities.

Practice Benefits

  • Collaborating with colleagues from around the state;
  • Participating in an annual Quality Improvement project, receiving MOC and/or CMEs and dedicated Quality Improvement coaching;
  • Access to shared templates and tools to help you improve office systems;
  • Receiving confidential benchmarking of individual practice results and de-identified practice data as part of a statewide longitudinal report; 
  • Providing input on future QI projects and content areas.

    CHAMP Learning Session Team Time


    • Growing network of providers:  There are now 50 practices in CHAMP.
    • Quality Improvement projects have included improving:
      • Immunization coverage rates
      • Adolescent depression screening rates
      • Healthy weight, nutrition, and physical activity documentation, counseling, and assessment rates
    • Coaching on identification and tracking of clinically important measures to demonstrate improvements in care


    How Do I Join?

    To learn more about joining our statewide network please contact: 
    Christine Pellegrino, MS, ASQ CMQO/E, Quality Improvement Associate, CHAMP Project Director


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    Last modified: December 2021