Alliance For Innovation On Maternal Health (AIM)

The Alliance for Innovation on Maternal Health (AIM) is a national maternal safety and quality improvement initiative. The Perinatal Quality Collaborative Vermont (PQC-VT) joined AIM in 2020 with the goal of implementing safety bundles in all of Vermont’s birthing hospitals to improve care, prevent complications during pregnancy, and reduce the occurrence of severe maternal morbidity in pregnant Vermonters. AIM safety bundles are a standardized set of practices intended to improve patient outcomes and reduce severe maternal illness and death. These bundles improve health outcomes by supporting select structural and process measures.

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Goals &

The goal of implementing AIM safety bundles is to improve the clinical structures and processes of care and improve patient outcomes for pregnant and postpartum Vermonters throughout the state. This is done with standardized, actionable steps that have been proven to reliably improve patient care. 

  • 100 % of Vermont birthing hospitals are enrolled in the AIM project.
  • Rolled out 2 safety bundles to all VT hospitals focused on the leading cases of Severe Maternal Morbidity in VT: post-partum hemorrhage and hypertension.
  • Developed drill materials for Hemorrhage and Hypertension and a resource binder for nurse educators around the state.
  • Included Emergency Department and anesthesiology in training and drills at each hospital.
  • Reduce the severe maternal morbidity associated with preventable obstetric hemorrhages
    • Rollout: 2020
    • Highlights:
      • Prior to bundle implementation, 55% of hospitals had protocols in place to support patients, family, and staff through major OB complications. By the end of Q2, this number rose to 64%.
      • Prior to bundle implementation, 73% of hospitals had a process to perform multidisciplinary systems-level reviews on all cases of severe maternal morbidity. By the end of Q2, this number rose to 82%.
  • Improve recognition and timeliness of treatment in hypertensive emergencies in pregnancy
    • Rollout: Fall 2022, initiative in progress
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  • Please visit this link to find all resources related to the AIM project including drill and simulation binders. 


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Project Team

Marjorie Meyer, MD

Kelley McLean, MD

Carole McBride, PhD

Samantha Bellinger, MA

Kayla Panko, BSN, RNC-MNN

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