Cartoon Mosquito "help us develop a medication to prevent dengue fever"

Dengue Fever Medication Research Study

This is a 3-month long research study to test an oral medication for the prevention of Dengue Fever.

We are looking for healthy volunteers, age 18-55 who have never been exposed to Dengue or Zika virus (2 types of mosquito-borne illnesses). Volunteers receive up to $3,000 in compensation if all visits are completed.

Click here to learn more about this study and to take a pre-screen survey to see if you meet study requirements. Or you contact the study team at (802) 656-0013 or at UVMVTC@UVM.EDU

Dengue Fever Medication Prescreen

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A poster with the text "Help make the world polio free" and a close-cropped black and white image of a young South Asian child tilting up their face to receive an oral medication while a South Asian woman looks on.

Polio Vaccine Study

Healthy volunteers, age 18-45, needed for a research study to test new polio vaccines. 12 month duration, outpatient study. Enrolled volunteers will be compensated up to $925. Interested? Click Here or call (802)-656-0013 or email for more information.

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If you'd like to be considered for any of our studies and have questions about volunteering, please contact us by:

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  • Calling us at (802)656-0013 (*Please note: return calls from UVM appear on caller ID as 802-656-9999.)
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