The Technology Services group (COMTS) provides and supports many applications for the Larner College of Medicine and College of Nursing and Health Sciences. Most of these services require valid credentials to access. If you have problems, be sure to contact the Service Center for assistance.

Connectivity and Support

Microsoft Cloud Services

  • Email: you can access a web version of your COMTS email and it has most of the functionality of the full version. You will need to be sure you have a modern and updated version of a supported web browser and an internet connection. 
  • OneDrive: using this same link, you can also access your OneDrive contents. Click the  Grid icon in the top left corner, select the OneDrive icon. If you need instructions on how to set up OneDrive on your LCOM computer, they can be found here. Connect to OneDrive
  • Zoom: this video conferencing tool is now available to all our users with a LCOM account. You can set up Zoom meetings through your Outlook calendar AFTER you follow these instructions.   Larner College of Medicine ZOOM Instructions
    • Remote conference/meeting TIPS: 
      • have all attendees who are not talking mute their microphone. This helps alleviate random noises disrupting the meeting.
      • Call up the Chat room feature so that people who want to insert a question can do so without interrupting the current speaker.
      • If you have a mixed meeting of people in the same room and people online/remote, be sure that someone repeats into the microphone any questions that are asked in the room so that online attendees can hear them.
      • For a more complete list, check this Zoom Best Practices document. Zoom Best Practices
  • Teams: if you are already familiar with Teams, know that you can also get to the web version of this tool via the Outlook link. Click on Grid and then Teams icon. This tool is available for instant messaging and accessing any Teams groups for which you are a member. It can also be used for quick online video and/or audio meetings. It is most easily used with other members of the LCOM community with LCOM accounts. If you are not already familiar with this tool, you may want to default to Zoom instead.

Password reset

  • UVMMC users call (802) 847-1414
  • UVM users visit
  • COMIS users visit or call the Service Center at (802) 488-5553 during regular business hours
  • NOTE – should employees be asked to telecommute, you may be requested to leave a voicemail at any of the posted phone numbers. Staff on duty will be returning those messages during regular working hours.  

Online help requests – questions can be submitted to the Service Center via phone or by using our FootPrints trouble tracking system.

Remote Desktop – provides off campus access to a virtual Windows computer. This allows COM users access to H and L drive as well as Outlook and the full Microsoft Office Suite. You will need to be sure you have a modern and updated version of a supported web browser and an internet connection. NOTE: with the increased usage for work at home, please be considerate of others by using this connection method only when the other options (above) aren't sufficient for your needs and then log off when you are done. 

More information - please look at our Remote Toolkit for additional services available to our community 

Caution – 

During this time of stress and anxiety there is an increased danger of malicious messages and websites attempting to lure you into divulging your credentials or visiting unsafe links. Continue to use caution about messages with attachments or links that you were not expecting. Report suspicious messages to, and Be sure to send the original message as an attachment to a new message (you can drag the original message from your inbox onto the new message and it will add it as an attachment) when reporting.  

Work-at-home safe computing practices should be in place for the duration. 
  • Beware phishing and other scams – they work on emotions by encouraging a sense of urgency, dire penalties or, conversely, prey upon your desire to help
  • Password protections – don't share it, don’t post it, don’t put it into websites, don’t make it easy to guess, don’t re-use it for other accounts
  • Keep your computer updated and patched – it may take some time out of your work day but it is important!
  • Store documents in an appropriate and secure space. Work-at-home still means you protect your data as needed. Keep it in your account/on the servers.
  • Don’t leave your laptop in the car or unattended. 
  • Don’t let your kids/neighbors/friends use your personal computer account.
  • You are still obligated to follow university policies, DUAs, contract requirements as well as state and federal regulations and compliance standards.

Common Services

VIC Portal– our online learning platform

COMMONS – this is our collaboration site and can be accessed using COM, UVM, or UVMMC credentials.

Account Requests – access limited to those who have been designated as departmental Account Requestors.

Service Catalog – for other services we offer, please look through our site for more information.

Partner sites