IT Professional Services

Services that are consultative in nature, in contrast to the other categories, which tend to be technology based; these may be a combination of customer-facing and non-customer-facing services.

Account Requester Application
Role within a department that has authority to request new accounts in the LCOM environment and to set permission levels on accounts to services in the COMTS influence.
Bio Builder
On line tool to manage faculty bios for display on public websites.
Block Storage Direct Attached
Deployed as needed.
Block Storage iSCSI
Deployed as needed.
Checklist Builder
A generic on line checklist builder to support various business needs (e.g., the Office of Clinical Trials and Research credentialing process).
Computer Deployment
Work with System Admins to create, troubleshoot and deploy updated computer images for Faculty, Staff and Student.
Computer Moves
Safely move computers and computer equipment during office moves, ensuring proper setup and connectivity.
DotcomOur senior IT professionals are immediately alerted for when issues arise.
Electronic Messaging (E-Mail) and Calendaring
Email mailbox for supporting the domain.
Equipment Installation and Repair
Troubleshoot equipment malfunctions, repair/replacement of equipment when needed.
Equipment Tutorials
By appointment; learn how to operate AV equipment in any of the rooms within the LCOM campus.
Media Creation (Video Projects/Shoots)
We offer video project support through equipment tutorials and equipment loans. PBS, CCTV or UVM Video are referred for some projects.
Microsoft Active Directory Authentication
Authentication services supporting the MED domain.
Wired, and Wireless connectivity support for Desktop, laptop, and Mobile devices.
Non Standard Software Installation
Non standard software installation and configuration, coordinating with vendors and assisting in licensing when needed.
Onsite Installation or Replacement of Hardware
We hand deliver and setup new computers. Our techs are on site to assist with replacing hardware.
Paging System
Our senior IT professionals are immediately alerted for when issues arise.
RADIUS Authentication
Authentication used by various network equipment and services.
Real Time Classroom Support
Receive immediate support by pushing the classroom help button in any room or reach out to set up an appointment.
Room Renovations
Project Management Support; Our team is happy to meet and discuss needs and offer options for the best equipment.
Software Application Development
Provide ongoing support and maintenance for software applications.
Software Installation, Troubleshoot, and Repair
We offer expertise knowledge for software installation. When issue arise, or techs troubleshoot and offer repair solutions.