Administration and Business

Enterprise and local services to support the administrative and business functions of LCOM.

CasperLCOM inventory and computer management system, specifically for Apple machines.
Expertise and Knowledge of Available HardwareWe offer a range of support; purchasing consultation, PeopleSoft Financials requisition support, quote outreach.
Expertise and Knowledge of Available Software ApplicationsBy appointment, we are available for consultation to review potential software application options and evaluate third party software.
FootPrints Service Ticket Management System; assign expert staff to offer solutions to a variety of circumstances.
Microsoft Endpoint ManagerLCOM computer management system for Windows machines. 
Network Jack
Physical network access to LCOM systems using an ethernet adapter and CAT5 cable.
LCOM website management software; enables webmasters to create page layouts and update content.
Softerra Adaxes
LCOM account management software.
Software LicensingWe offer administrative support to LCOM faculty & staff who are purchasing software licenses. Recommend software solutions that are currently available.
Video ConferencingZoom and Microsoft Teams