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CONGRATULATIONS 2022 Frymoyer Scholars Program Recipients!

  • Jennifer Covino, MD; Nathaniel Meuser-Herr, MD; Colleen Pennington, BSN, RN; Disa Seymour, MS, RNC-MNN 
    Department of Pediatrics

Improving Newborn Resuscitation in the Community Hospital Setting with Physician-Nurse Led Distributed Practice of Simulation and Structured Debriefing

  • Emily Greenberger, MD; Jamie Rowell, MD; Jess VanNostrand, MD; Karen Dearborn, RN; Katie Dezotelle, RN; Teah Cardeilhac, RN; Deirdre O’Reilly, MD, MPH
    Department of Medicine

Fostering the Qualities of Excellent Clinical Teachers in Medicine: Interprofessional Collaboration for Feedback, Coaching, and Assessment in Medical Education

  • Katie Wells, MD, MPH; Ashley McCormick, DO, Resident; Cate Nicholas, MS, PA, EdD ; Kathryn Collier, MD, Resident; Robert Althoff, MD; Nat Mulkey, MD, Resident; Kathy Walsh, MD; Eli Goldberg, MD, Resident; Laura Mulvey, MD; Emily Reed, MSW; Kyle DeWitt, PharmD; Louisa Smith, BSN, RN; Christopher Doran, BSN, RN; Erica Carlson, BSN, RN; Raenetta Liberty, MSN, RN; Alison Segar, MSW; Kell Arbor, MA 
    Department of Surgery; Division of Emergency Medicine

Building an Interdisciplinary Gender Affirming Care Model in the Emergency Department

CONGRATULATIONS Teaching Academy Members!

Honors Night

Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society Award: Katie Wells, MD, MPH, Assistant Professor of Surgery in the Division of Emergency Medicine

Harry E. Howe, M.D. & Theo O. Howe Outstanding Teacher of Surgery Award: Katherine Dolbec, MD, Assistant Professor of Surgery, Division of Emergency Medicine

NEGEA 2022

Members of LCOM and the Teaching Academy were recipients of 2 Oral Abstract Presentation Awards at the 2022 NEGEA Virtual Annual Conference:

  • Hot Spots and Cold Hollows: Curriculum Heat Mapping as a Visual Resource for Medical School Curriculum Competency Review by Kathryn Huggett, PhD; Stephen Goldman; Laurie Gelles,PhD; Jesse Moore, MD; Karen Lounsbury, PhD; Elise Everett, MD
  • Cranial Pursuit computer-based neuroanatomy games: An interinstitutional study to assist their impact on learning outcomes by Tara Lindsley, PhD; Rebecca Keller, PhD; Isabelle Maisonnneuve, PhD; Karen Lounsbury, PhD; Debra Byler, MD; Usman Hameed, MD (Albany Medical College, Larner College of Medicine, and Penn State Hershey College of Medicine)

And had a poster featured (Finalist. Funded by the LCOM Alumni Association summer grant program):

  • Quietly Teaching Future Physicians Resilience by Alexander Kubacki; Obhijit Hazarika, MD; Lydia Grondin, MD; Daniel Sherrer, MD, MBA, FASA, FAACD; Mitchell Tsai, MD, MMM, FASA, FAACD

Dean’s Award for Professionalism Faculty Award



Nathalie Feldman, MD, Director of the Learning Environment, Interim Associate Dean for Admissions, and Associate Professor of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Sciences, Teaching Academy Master Teacher, received a 2022 Dean’s Award for Professionalism Faculty Award.


Random Chats About Data: An informal workshop on statistics related concepts for researchers and students

June 9; 11am-12pm; Dana Medical Library Classroom. UVM Libraries’ Statistical Design and Specialist Maria Scholnick will host a workshop on statistics related concepts for researchers and students. June’s Topic: Data Collection. For information, visit https://dana.uvm.edu/news/random-chats-about-data-informal-workshop-statistics-related-concepts-researchers-and 

Alliance for Clinical Education

June 9th at 1PM ET/NYC. Register for this session at: https://forms.gle/Yy2NaW4GFfzQGo1s9 
Presenters: Drs. Archana Sridhar and Calvin Chou from UCSF
This session will address the following objectives:

-Identify and describe the steps for the remediation of a struggling learner

-Describe the components of effective coaching and feedback

Documentary Film: Keepers of the House

In this 15-minute documentary film Keepers of the House, eight hospital housekeepers tell stories of singing or praying with patients on their wards, of providing encouragement and advice, and developing friendships that continue beyond the period of the hospital stay.  They describe the ways in which their work brings meaning to their lives, and the difficulties that they face upon the death of a patient whom they have come to know. 

The film teaches lessons about empathy, humility, and teamwork, and is ideal for incorporation into medical education curricula related to interprofessionalism, empathic communication, and diversity and inclusion. It requires us to think about our day-to-day interactions with hospital cleaners, and food service and transport workers. Recently, an article was published about the positive impact of the film on an interdisciplinary group of health care students: https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/tct.13439.  The article, which appeared in The Clinical Teacher,  also suggests ways to use the film in an educational setting. The film itself can be viewed at https://sites.fhi.duke.edu/healthhumanitieslab/portfolio/keepers-of-the-house/

Ins and Outs of Entrustable Professional Activities

'Ins and Outs of Entrustable Professional Activities’ has planned a live course (besides online versions) in Montreal, October 25-26, preceding the International Conference on Residency Education (ICRE) in Montreal. A team of experts on the topic will be present as course facilitators (Drs Bob Englander, Claire Touchie, David Taylor, Carrie Chen, Dan Schumacher, Olle ten Cate). We invite all who are interested and engaged in the development of EPA-based curricula and assessment in an health profession education program to attend. Please refer to www.epa-courses.nl for more information and registration, or download a flyer.

Questions about The Teaching Academy?
Please contact: teaching.academy@med.uvm.edu

Recent Publications by Teaching Academy Members

Changes in healthcare spending attributable to obesity and overweight: payer- and service-specific estimates
van den Broek-Altenburg E,
Atherly A, Holladay E. Changes in healthcare spending attributable to obesity and overweight: payer- and service-specific estimates. BMC Public Health. 2022 May 13;22(1):962. doi: 10.1186/s12889-022-13176-y. PMID: 35562724; PMCID: PMC9101934.

Using Donor and Family Statements to Promote Humanism in the Anatomy Lab
Hielscher AC.
 Using Donor and Family Statements to Promote Humanism in the Anatomy Lab. FASEB J. 2022 May;36 Suppl 1. doi: 10.1096/fasebj.2022.36.S1.L7786. PMID: 35559562.

In focus in HCB
Taatjes DJ
, Roth J. In focus in HCB. Histochem Cell Biol. 2022 May 5. doi: 10.1007/s00418-022-02108-x. Epub ahead of print. PMID: 35513613.

Carbon Footprint of Anesthesia: Comment
Tsai MH,
Kostrubiak MR, Rizzo DM. Carbon Footprint of Anesthesia: Comment. Anesthesiology. 2022 May 5. doi: 10.1097/ALN.0000000000004226. Epub ahead of print. PMID: 35507700.

When I say...diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI)
Rossi AL, Wyatt TR, Huggett KN, Blanco MA. When I say...diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI).Med Educ. 2022;1‐2. doi:10.1111/medu.14812

Recent Publications to Note

June 2022 AMA Journal of Ethics
Health Care in Conflict Zones Issue
Volume 24, Number 6: E453-541 Full Issue PDF

Radiology Stereotypes, Application Barriers, and Hospital Integration: A Mixed-methods Study of Medical Student Perceptions of Radiology
Grimm LJ, Fish LJ, Carrico CW, Martin JG, Nwankwo VC, Farley S, Meltzer CC, Maxfield CM. Radiology Stereotypes, Application Barriers, and Hospital Integration: A Mixed-methods Study of Medical Student Perceptions of Radiology. Academic radiology. 2021 Sep 22. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.acra.2021.08.020

Moving Towards Equity, Wellness, and Environmental Sustainability: Arguments for Virtual Radiology Residency Recruitment and Strategies for Application Control
Nguyen JK, Moran SK, Yee JM, Grimm LJ, Heitkamp DE, Chapman T. Moving Towards Equity, Wellness, and Environmental Sustainability: Arguments for Virtual Radiology Residency Recruitment and Strategies for Application Control. Academic radiology. 2022 Jan 11. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.acra.2021.12.014

Simplifying the Interconnected Alphabet Soup of Medical Education
Santen S, Foster K, Hemphill R, Christner J, Mejicano G. Simplifying the Interconnected Alphabet Soup of Medical Education, Academic Medicine, May 2022. doi: 10.1097/ACM.0000000000004440

Grand rounds for medical students by medical students
Ringwald B, Mital R, Yan A, McCallister J. Grand rounds for medical students by medical students. Medical Education. 2022 Mar 4. https://doi.org/10.1111/medu.14758

LGBTQ+ curriculum in medical school: Vital first steps
Singh P, Lee C. LGBTQ+ curriculum in medical school: Vital first steps. Medical Education. 2022 Mar 2. https://doi.org/10.1111/medu.14769

Regional/National Call for Proposals 

IAMSE Call for Pre-Conference Faculty Development Course Abstracts

Proposals will be accepted through July, 1, 2022. The Professional Development Committee will review all proposals and select 2-3 full-day workshops and 7-8 half-day workshops for the meeting. The broad umbrella areas of focus for these courses include: Leadership/Advancement as a Medical Educator; Research/Scholarship/Publications; Instruction/Assessment; Technology. All abstracts must be submitted in the format requested through the online abstract submission site found here.











Teaching Academy in the News

  • Medical Class of 2022 Honors Night Recognizes Faculty, Students & Staff
    May 18, 2022 by Jennifer Nachbur
    On May 13, the Larner College of Medicine at the University of Vermont held Honors Night for graduating medical students in the Class of 2022. Accolades presented included the Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society faculty, housestaff, and community physician awards; the Arnold P. Gold Foundation's Leonard Tow Humanism in Medicine faculty and student awards; Area Health Education Center Scholars; department awards to students; and awards from the Class of 2022.
  • Silveira Honored for Teaching Excellence
    May 17, 2022 by Janet L. Essman Franz
    Jay Silveira, Ph.D., assistant professor of biochemistry, was selected to receive a 2022 UVM Kroepsch-Maurice Excellence in Teaching Award, which recognizes faculty for excellent undergraduate instruction, innovation in teaching methods and ability to motivate and challenge students.

June 2022

New Teaching Academy Offering: Portfolio Workshops

Drop in consultations on the Teaching Academy Portfolio Application process. Hosted by the Teaching Academy’s Conference and Member Event Coordinator, Amanda Broder, with Teaching Academy member co-hosts. Come with a specific question or general wonderings about the Teaching Portfolio, Letter of Support, Standardized LCOM CV format, Teaching Evaluations Table template, Teaching Portfolio examples, advancing to the next level of membership, and even the Member Renewal process! The first Wednesday of the month; 12:00-12:30pm; RSVP to Teaching.Academy@med.uvm.edu for Zoom information

Upcoming dates:

July 6, 2022
August 3, 2022
September 7, 2022

Upcoming Events

Writers Workshop

Thursday, June 16; 8:00-9:00am; Zoom

A group of regular Teaching Academy members meets the 3rd Thursday of the month to review and discuss your scholarly work on education topics. Bring work in any stage of development; manuscripts, conference proposals, research proposals, etc.
Please sign up at least a week in advance by emailing teaching.academy@med.uvm.edu

Educational Scholarship Mentoring Group

Wednesday, June 22; 12-1pm; Zoom
"Poster Design" with Gary Atwood, MSLIS, Library Assistant Professor
RSVP: teaching.academy@med.uvm.edu Click here for more information about the Educational Scholarship Mentoring Group

Faculty Development Series for Clinical Teachers 201

Thursday, June 23; 7:30-8:30am; Zoom
"Student Wellness" with Lee Rosen, PhD
Please RSVP teaching.academy@med.uvm.edu to receive log in details. For more information about this series, click here.

Manuscript Marathon

Friday, June 24; 9:00-10:30am; Zoom
Writing a manuscript for publication is a marathon, not a sprint.
Join Teaching Academy members for writing sessions to start, finish, or even edit for re-submission your medical education manuscript. Join in for coaching and uninterrupted writing time. Please reach out with any questions or to RSVP: Teaching.Academy@med.uvm.edu

Medical Education Research Group (MERG) Monthly Meeting

Monday, June 27; 12:15-1:15pm; Zoom
Cara Simone, Evaluation and Research Specialist, hosts a monthly meeting of the Medical Education Research Group to brainstorm ideas for new medical education research projects and provide support for ongoing projects. Please RSVP teaching.academy@med.uvm.edu to receive Zoom log in details.