Frymoyer Scholars Program

20061020_MedPhoto_018Through the Frymoyer Scholars Program, the John W. and Nan P. Frymoyer Fund for Medical Education supports physicians and nurses who are actively engaged in teaching University of Vermont medical and nursing students who embody the best qualities of the clinician teacher. The program is an investment in outstanding medical education and promotes teaching that emphasizes the art of patient care.

About the Frymoyer Fund
The Frymoyer Fund pays tribute to the deep legacy of the late John Frymoyer, M.D., dean of UVM’s College of Medicine from 1991 to 1999, and his wife Nan, a community health nurse who had a strong interest in patient advocacy. The fund was established in 2000 through generous donations from J. Warren and Lois McClure, the Frymoyers, and many others who wanted to honor John and Nan, including the Larner College of Medicine Alumni Association.

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24 Years of Frymoyer Scholars 



  • Whitney Calkins, MD; Christina Vollbrecht; Alyssa Tenney; Molly Hurd; Sarah KrumholzA Multimodal Approach to Bridging Gaps in Nutrition Education: A Culinary Medicine Experience


  • Bronwyn Bryant, MD
    Consequential Validity of Entrustable Professional Activities in Pathology Residency Training
  • Justin DeAngelis, MD; Collaborator: Mackenzie Delzer, MD
    Turn Transition to Residency Training Courses into Academic Success Throughout Residency Using Novel Educational Techniques
  • Laura Mulvey, MD; Collaborators: Daniel Ackil, MD; Daniel Bak, MD; KC Collier, MD; Jordan Ship, MD; Julie Vieth, MD; Ashley Weisman, MD; Luke Wohlford, MD; Bruce Barry, RN, Paramedic; Rachel Bombardier MS3
    In Situ Simulation in the Critical Access Hospital


  • Jennifer Covino, MD; Nathaniel Meuser-Herr, MD; Colleen Pennington, BSN, RN; Disa Seymour, MS, RNC-MNN 
    Improving Newborn Resuscitation in the Community Hospital Setting with Physician-Nurse Led Distributed Practice of Simulation and Structured Debriefing
  • Emily Greenberger, MD; Jamie Rowell, MD; Jess VanNostrand, MD; Karen Dearborn, RN; Katie Dezotelle, RN; Teah Cardeilhac, RN; Deirdre O’Reilly, MD, MPH
    Fostering the Qualities of Excellent Clinical Teachers in Medicine: Interprofessional Collaboration for Feedback, Coaching, and Assessment in Medical Education
  • Katie Wells, MD, MPH; Ashley McCormick, DO, Resident; Cate Nicholas, MS, PA, EdD ; Kathryn Collier, MD, Resident; Robert Althoff, MD; Nat Mulkey, MD, Resident; Kathy Walsh, MD; Eli Goldberg, MD, Resident; Laura Mulvey, MD; Emily Reed, MSW; Kyle DeWitt, PharmD; Louisa Smith, BSN, RN; Christopher Doran, BSN, RN; Erica Carlson, BSN, RN; Raenetta Liberty, MSN, RN; Alison Segar, MSW; Kell Arbor, MA 
    Building an Interdisciplinary Gender Affirming Care Model in the Emergency Department


  • Heather Herrington, MD; Keith Robinson, MD;  Katie Dezotelle, RN ; Mark Bisanzo, MD ; Kevin Abnet, MD ; Liz Denton, RRT; Mike King, RN; Liz Ulano, MD; Kate Soons, RN Improved Management of Pediatric Difficult Airways Through Creation of a Collaborative, Interprofessional Workgroup
  • Naomi Hodde, MD; Kacey Boyle, RN; Jennifer Hauptman, MSW; Stephen Berns, MD, FAAHPM What’s in the Secret Sauce? Investigating and Designing IPE Best Practices for Serious Illness Communication Trainings


  • Sarah Harm, MD; Leigh Ann Holterman, PhD 
    Kids in the Lab: An Interactive Laboratory-based Education Program for Pediatric Patients and their Families
  • Lili Martin MSN, RN, PCCN; Jane Nathan, PhD
    Nursing Stress Management and Resiliency Training for Nursing Students      


  • Rebecca Bell, MD, MPH; Thomas Delaney, PhD; Richard "Mort" Wasserman, MD
    Firearm Injury Prevention Screening and Counseling
  • Bronwyn Bryant, MD
    Validating Entrustable Professional Activity-Based Assessment to Determine On-Call Competency in Pathology Residents
  • Fuyuki Hirashima, MD; Rebecca Wilson, RN; Nicholas Bedrin, MD; Serena Murphy, MD; Stephen Ranney, MD
    Establishing UVMMC as a Training Institute & Center of Excellence for Cardiac Surgery Unit Advance Life Support
  • Rebecca Nagle, MSN, APRN; Christina Harlow, DNP, FNP-BC, APRN; Leah Pryor; Emily Clairmont; Jana Lichtenfeld, MD, FAAPIntegrative Nutrition Teaching Kitchen and Inter-professional Community Service Learning Curriculum
  • Iris Toedt-Pingel, MD; Kaitlin Ostrander, MD; Stephen Berns, MD
    TalkVermontPEDS: Creating an Interprofessional Pediatric Advanced Communication Course


  • Travis Beebe-Woodard, RN, BSN
    Trauma Nurse Fellowship
  • Andrew Hale, MD, Steve Lidofsky, MD, PhD
    Optimizing Care for Vermonters Infected with Hepatitis C Virus through a Statewide Educational Curriculum
  • Jana Lichtenfeld, MD, MPH, Diane Imrie, MBA, RD, Cathy McIsaac, MS RD, Rebecca Wilcox, MD, Cara Feldman-Hunt, MACulinary Medicine Teaching Kitchen Medical Student Elective
  • Mary Palumbo, DNP, APRN, William Pendlebury, MD; Lori P. McKenna, MSW, LICSW; Betty Rambur, PhD, RN, FAAN
    Disseminating a Plan for Improved Care of Persons with Alzheimer's Disease and their Family Caregivers for the State of Vermont
  • Molly Rideout, MD, Laura Datillio, RN, Katie Dezotelle, RN, Beth Noyes, PharmD, William Raszka, MD
    Development of a Longitudinal Pediatric Residency Preparation Course


  • Laura McCray, MD, MSCE, Jane Nathan, PhD, Nathalie Feldman, MD 
    Stress Management and Resiliency Training for Residents (SMART-R) and Medical Students
  • Dennis R. Beatty, MD
    Developing and applying a longitudinal clinical reasoning curriculum across all four years of training at the University of Vermont Larner College of Medicine
  • David Rand, DO, MPH, Shaden Eldakar, MD, MS, Nancy P. LeMieux, MSN, RN, CHSE 
    Conversation About End of Life Wishes: Teaching Trainees to Facilitate Code Status Discussions
  • Halle Sobel, MD, FACP, Sanchit Maruti, MD Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) Integration into a Primary Care Internal Medicine Residency: A Novel Interprofessional Addiction Treatment Curriculum
  • Jerry Larrabee, MD, M. Mercedes Avila, PhD
    Health Care Disparities in Vermont: A Curriculum for Health Care Workers, Trainees, and Students


  • Renee Stapleton, M.D., Ph.D., Amy O'Meara, DrNP
    Enhancing Education, Resources, and Opportunities in Biomedical Research for Doctor of Medicine and Doctor of Nursing Practice
  • Karen Leonard, M.D., Joanne Barton, RN 
    Development of a Family Centered Rounds Multidisciplinary Curriculum
  • Patrick Delaney, RN, CRN, Aimee Wilson, RN 
    Establishing an Inter-Professional Simulation Curriculum for Care of the High-Acuity Burn Patient
  • Martha Seagrave, PA-C, BSN, Felix Hernandez, MDUniversity of Vermont College of Medicine Rural Health Track
  • Michael Upton, MD
    Development of a Curriculum to Create Cultural Competence in Providing Care to LGBT Patients


  • Jason Bartsch, M.D., Rachel McEntee, M.D.
    Rapid Response Team Simulation: Teaching Interprofessional Communication and Clinical Reasoning to Improve Patient Care
  • Jason Garbarino, RN, MSN, CNL, Stephen Leffler, M.D.
    Development of a Clinical Nurse Leader Clinical Faculty Role: Advancing Quality Care at the University of Vermont Medical Center
  • Rebecca Wilcox, M.D., Leah Burke, M.D., Tamara Williams, Ph.D.
    Targeted Expansion and Integration of Genetics and Genomics Throughout the Vermont Integrated Curriculum (VIC)


  • Hirak Der-Torossian, M.D. MPHCurriculum Design and Creation of a free online course for Medical and Nursing Students: Writing Research Protocols Suitable for Submission to the UVM Institutional Review Board
  • Anne Dougherty, MD
    Development of a Global Women’s Health Curriculum for Medical Students and Residents


  • Charlotte Reback, M.D.Building Bedside Competence in Medical Students through “Active Learning”


  • Laurie Leclair, M.D.
    Simulation Training for Multidisciplinary Intensive Care Unit Teams: Active Learning to Promote Best Practice
  • Patricia King, M.D., Ph.D.Teaching Professionalism through Lessons from the Board of Medical Practice
  • Ursula A. McVeigh, M.D., Jean Coffey, PhD APRN CPNP
    Palliative Care Education
  • Marie Sandoval, M.D., Mary Val Palumbo, DNP, APRN
    Developing Best Practices in Communication when using the Electronic Health Record for Nurse Practitioner and Medical Students and their Preceptors


  • Ted James, M.D. and Celia Cohen, RN
    Teaching and assessing health communication skills, professionalism,and inter-professional communication through a series of simulated clinical management scenarios.


  • Mark Gorman, M.D.
    Web-based, Interactive Stroke Teaching
  • Paula Duncan, M.D.Shared Decision-making and Strength Based Approaches
  • Laura McCray, M.D.
    Preventing Burnout: The Development of a Medical Student and Resident Physician Wellness Curriculum
  • Jan Carney, M.D. and Susan Greenfield, Ph.D., RN and Hendrika Maltby, Ph.D., RNSecond Life: Simulating Public Health for Medical and Nursing Students


  • Richard Pinckney, M.D., MPH
    The Art of Compassion: A Workshop Series for Medical Professionals


  • Robert Karp, M.D.
    Improving Basic Medical Student Competencies in Clinical Geriatrics
  • Nancy Morris, PhD., APRN and Peter Igneri, PA-C, M.M.Sc.Communication and Psycho-Motor Skills for Minor Office Procedures to Improve Access and Enhance Quality Care


  • Chuck Mercier, M.D. and Catherine Muskus, R.N.
    Communication and Team Work: The Key to Quality Health Care an Interdisciplinary Workshop Using High Fidelity Simulation
  • Judith Lewis, M.D.
    Development of Web-based Educational Material for Education in Psychiatry


  • Beth Kirkpatrick, M.D., Louis Polish, M.D., Hendricka Maltby, Ph.D., RN, Chris Huston, M.D. and Burt Wilcke, Ph.D.
    Global Health Education and Training for Health Care Professionals at the University of Vermont
  • William Raszka, M.D., Jill Jemison and Cate Nicholas, Ed.D.Using Computer Assisted Instruction (CAI) to Improve Medical Student Patient Care Skills and Knowledge


  • Charles Hulse, M.D.
    Vermont Program on Ecology and Health
  • Mario Trabulsy, M.D.
    Innovations in an Emergency Medicine Rotation 



  • Terry Rabinowitz, M.D. 
    Development and Implementation of a Telepsychiatry Consultation Teaching Program
  • Susan Goetschius, RNBuilding Nursing Expertise in Geriatrics: An Acute Care Clinical Model 



  • Virginia Hood, M.D.
    Studies Show: Interpreting the Results of Medical Studies for Patient
  • Robert Shapiro, M.D.
    Pharmaceutical Development and Prescriber Decision-Making


  • Christopher Grace, M.D. Bioterrorism Education for Physicians, Nurses and Students
  • James Rathmell, M.D. and Todd Maughans, M.D.
    Developing Electronic Case Tutorials for the Neural Sciences course


  • David Little, M.D.Enhanced Teaching of Musculoskeletal Concepts
  • William Raszka, M.D. and Ann Wittpenn, M.D.
    Improving Medical Student Competency: A Proposal to Return to Bedside Teaching