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Larner College of Medicine Institutional Funding

The Larner College of Medicine's Medical Alumni Foundation is dedicated to philanthropic fundraising for our future physicians.

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LCOM Institutional Recruitment Scholarships:

  • Our institutional scholarship application is available to admitted students only within your admissions portal (contact the Larner College of Medicine Admissions Office with specific questions). Applications are encouraged but not required. 
  • Eligibility factors include academic achievement, merit, diversity, interview day scores, and socio-economic background (primarily AMCAS data). A holistic awarding approach is taken, considering many factors. 
  • The Larner College of Medicine Admissions Office is responsible for choosing and notifying recipients rather than Student Financial Services. 
  • Award amounts vary for each student but generally range from $10,000 - $60,000 per year.
  • Scholarships are typically renewable for up to four years if making satisfactory academic progress.
  • Approximately 120 institutional endowments fund these scholarships.
  • If offered a scholarship, you will be provided with important “Terms & Conditions of Your Scholarship Offer”.

LCOM Institutional Scholarships for Already-Matriculated Students

While the bulk of our funding is currently spent on recruitment, as determined by the Larner College of Medicine leadership, we are pleased to house several scholarship funds that are reserved for already matriculated students:

The Freeman Medical Scholars Program

The purpose of the Freeman Medical Scholars Program is to meet the needs of Vermonters by assisting medical students who matriculated at the Larner College of Medicine in the classes of 2001-2012 to become Vermont physicians, especially in rural and underserved areas.

In 2000 the Freeman Foundation and Family began a scholarship program at the Larner College of Medicine which has proven to be a lasting investment in health care for the state of Vermont. For over a decade, scholarships were provided to hundreds of Larner College of Medicine students who promised to return to practice in Vermont. The final group of Freeman Scholar medical students graduated in May 2012.

For more information, please visit AHEC | Health Professions Students and Residents | Workforce-Recruitment-Retention.

UVM Emergency Grant Program

The UVM Emergency Grant Program supports students seeking immediate. one-time financial assistance due to a temporary hardship or emergency.

Please visit the UVM Emergency Grant Program Webpage for more information.


Funds for Educational and Scholarly Activities

Please visit the Office of Medical Education's "Funds for Educational and Scholarly Opportunities" page for more information about funding for conference attendance and similar scholarly travel.

Institutional Loans

Please reference our Loans page to read more about these.


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Fast Fact

Out of all public medical schools, LCOM ranks 52 out of 90 for number of scholarships and grants awarded. In 2020, $4.1M was awarded to our medical students.