Now Accepting Applications for the 2024-2025 Academic Year


Funds for Educational and Scholarly Opportunities

The University of Vermont Larner College of Medicine’s Funds for Education and Scholarly Opportunities (FESO) is a source of funds, made possible by the donations of LCOM alumni, available to LCOM students that are presenting scholarly work and/or representing LCOM in a leadership role at a national conference.

LCOM leadership is pleased to announce that we have received an allocation of additional funds from the UVM Alumni Association to be utilized beginning in Fiscal Year 2024 to support additional FESO awards.  For this reason, we are liberalizing certain eligibility requirements in Fiscal Year 2025 to support additional students being able to access FESO funds.

For Academic Year 2024-25, the maximum amount of funds available per FESO award is $1250 for travel.

Students will now be eligible to apply for a FESO award during each of their four years at LCOM, up to a total maximum award of $2,000 during their tenure as an LCOM student.

Application Review Process

Students are strongly encouraged to submit their Application for FESO Funds as early as possible, ideally two months or more prior to their travel date. 

Applications that meet criteria will be reviewed and approved by the selection committee on a monthly basis.  Applications received by the 15th of each month will be reviewed that month.  Award decisions will be communicated by the first week of the following month.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for a FESO award, an applicant must:

  • Be a Larner College of Medicine student in good standing
  • Be accepted to present scholarly work or are serving in a leadership role on behalf of LCOM at a national conference.
    • FESO funds prioritize research performed at UVM by LCOM students with oversight by UVM faculty.
    • In the event that an LCOM student has a unique research interest requiring them to pursue opportunities outside of UVM, and has been accepted to present that research with a Letter of Support from UVM faculty, FESO funds may be available on a case-by-case basis. The maximum award amount and other terms and conditions of an award in this case may differ from the standard FESO award.
  • Submit all required documents in the application package prior to the conference.