Teaching & Learning

Instructional technologies, tools, and resources directly supporting teaching and learning both in the classroom and remotely.

Black Board/COMET
Website for organizing course materials, student quizzes, and gradebook.
Screen recording software used to create pre-class work, interactive learning videos, and other digital media for training purposes.
Student backup software.
Case Builder
Tool for building problem-based learning cases.
Clerkship Assessment Tool
For clerkship administrators to enter detailed formative and summative assessments of student for their clinical rotations.
Clerkship Schedule Building Tool
Collects Student location preferences for clerkship rotations, builds schedules for each student and supports "trading" process.
ClickersPolling devices to receive immediate student feedback. Clickers offer an interactive classroom, facilitate discussion, and can help guide lectures.
Clinical Interaction/Competency Tracker
Tool for students to enter details about all interactions and experiences during clinical rotations.
COMETWebsite for organizing course materials, posting student quizzes & tests, and posting grades.
CommonsCollaborative platform for various documents, tutorials, and references.
Computer Based Testing
Control the testing environment; secure browser, scrambling questions, and use of a timer.
CoursEvalSoftware to support student evaluations of courses and faculty.
Curriculum Browser
Indexes entire curriculum against MESH Terms and allows users to find where a topic/subject/term is taught in the curriculum.
Digital Whiteboard
Mobile whiteboard that captures digital image of drawings and/or content.  Allows simultaneous inking by two individuals in the same room.
Educational Application Support

Provide ongoing support and maintenance for software applications.

Electronic Messaging (E-Mail) and Calendaring
Email mailbox for supporting the @med.uvm.edu domain.
Exam Analysis/Stats
Provide question by question statistical analysis of student exams.
Exam Builder
Build exams for deployment to students including tying questions to learning activities and, hence, course and curricular objectives
Exam Building
Staff offer support concerning the technical creation of exams.  Receive individualized training and help constructing exams for students.
Exam Deployment
Schedule and deploy secure exams for students.
Expertise Knowledge for Integrating Technology into the Classroom
We offer a range of support and solutions for teaching needs. Improve the classroom environment with interactive technology options.
File Storage SMB
SMB enabled file share.
Complete setup for recording video/audio files to support the curriculum.  These items can be signed out by faculty in order to facilitate the recording process.
Learning Environment Reporting Tool
Anonymous tool for students to report mistreatment by or accolades for faculty in the clinical setting.
Multimedia Creation in Support of Curriculum
In consultation with faculty, the Educational Technology Team helps train individuals to create multimedia (dynamic images, video, audio) to support the Active Learning curriculum.
A hosted student information system to support the LCOM registrar functions (i.e. those that diverge from main campus registrar functions).
Pathology Museum
Online pathology specimens.
Peer Assessment Tool
Provides students a way to assess peers in classroom groups.
Tool for clinical preceptors to assess students in clinical rotations.
Technology Integration
Software used to create interactive online modules for students.  Used primarily for students to make sure they understand material for their active learning sessions.
Throw Microphones
Foam padded microphones that can be passed around the classroom to facilitate optimal voice transfer among students.  Each cube uses a separate classroom lavalier mic when set up.
Training - Educational Technology
The Educational Technology Team is here to help train individuals on new ways of using technology in their teaching.  We are here to help facilitate this integration in order to increase student engagement.
VIC Calendar
Student-centered calendar view of curriculum with all learning activities, learning themes, and support materials
VIC Management
Tool for course directors and coordinators to manage all VIC Courses, activities, materials and curricular themes with tied to course and curricular objectives.
Virtual Microscopy (Virtual Slidebox)
Access to online microscopic images. These images can be resized, and annotated to enhance the learning experience for students.