Researching Small Vessel Disease with the Fondation Leducq

lcasvdThe Leducq Center Against Small Vessel Disease has a goal of understanding cerebral blood flow. The research funded by the Fondation Leducq Transatlantic Network for Excellence is co-lead by North American Coordinator Dr. Mark T. Nelson, University Distinguished Professor and Chair of the Department of Pharmacology at the University of Vermont, and Dr. Anne Joutel, Research Director - INSERM at the University of Paris, 7-Denis Diderot.


Understanding cerebrovascular function and dysfunction presents a daunting challenge to both clinicians and basic scientists. Until now, a research network on SVD has not bee possible owing to a lack of appropriate mouse models, difficulties in adapting molecular and imaging techniquest to the mouse brain microcirculation, and the absence of a critical mass of scientific information and expertise. The convergence of emerging technologies and growing insight into cerebral SVD processes - made possible in large part by the research efforts of members of the Network- create a moment in time ripe for a comprehensive and productive exploration of monogenetic (CADASIL/CARDASIL) and common forms of SVD.

The Leducq Center Against Small Vessel Disease (LCASVD) encourages collaborative and interactive scientific investigation into causes of — and solutions for — Small Vessel Disease and related conditions.