Welcome to the Glass Lab!

In the Glass Lab, we are interested in understanding how epigenetic signaling regulates gene expression, and how alterations in these pathways are involved in disease development, particularly cancer and infectious disease.  We are investigating the molecular mechanisms driving the recognition of histone post-translational modifications in order to identify new therapeutic strategies.

The combinations of marks that make up the histone code have been difficult to decipher, and how multiple modifications modulate protein recognition is not well understood.  We aim to determine how physiologically abundant combinations of histone modifications regulate chromatin reader activity to influence disease progression.  To address our research questions, we use a diversity of approaches in molecular biology, genomics, biochemistry, biophysics, and proteomics.

The Glass lab is located in the Department of Pharmacology in the Larner College of Medicine at the University of Vermont.  Dr. Glass is a full member of the UVM Cancer Center and is also a faculty member in the Department of Biochemistry.  Follow the Glass lab on Twitter and Facebook!


For those interested in joining our lab, please note that scholarships are available for Ph.D. students.


Glass Lab Current Members:


        Ajit_Singh_photo -1                        Kiera Malone, CMB PhD Student 

       Ajit Singh, Postdoctoral Fellow                     Kiera Malone, Ph.D. Student



        Elizabeth Cook                     Bohan Liang, MS Pharmacology Student

 Elizabeth Cook, MS in Biochemistry Student    Bohan Liang, M.S. in Pharmacology Student



      James Lignos, Ph.D. Student                   Annika Lathrop, Biochemistry Student

          James Lignos, Ph.D. Student                Annika Lothrop, Biochemistry Student


 Dr. Karen C. Glass

Karen C. Glass, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Department of Pharmacology
Contact Information        

E-mail: Karen.Glass@med.uvm.edu
Office Location: Firestone 362

149 Beaumont Ave.

Burlington, VT 05405 









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