Faculty & Staff

Mark T. Nelson, Ph.D.Chair and University Distinguished Professor (802) 656-2500Email | Bio| Lab
Frances E. Carr, Ph.D.Professor(802) 656-2918Email | Bio | Lab
Wolfgang R. G. Dostmann, Ph.D.Professor(802) 656-0381

Email | Bio | Lab

Benedek Erdos, M.D., Ph.D.Assistant Professor(802) 656-0988Email | Bio | Lab
Karen C. Glass, Ph.D.Associate Professor(802) 656-5760Email | Bio | Lab
Osama Harraz, Ph.D.Assistant Professor(802) 656-0782Email | Bio | Lab
Grant W. Hennig, Ph.D.Research Assistant Professor(802) 656-0859Email | Bio
Thomas J. Heppner, Ph.D.Research Assistant Professor(802) 656-3889Email | Bio
David Hill-Eubanks, Ph.D.Research Assistant Professor(802) 656-8037Email | Bio
Gerald Herrera, Ph.D.
Research Assistant Professor
(802) 656-5840
Email | Bio
Alan K. Howe, Ph.D.Professor(802) 656-0859
Email | Bio | Lab
Anne Joutel, M.D, Ph.D.
Learned Professional
(802) 656-5840
Email UVM | Bio
Masayo Koide, Ph.D.Research Assistant Professor(802) 656-3391Email | Bio
Karen M. Lounsbury, Ph.D.Professor(802) 656-1319Email | Bio | Lab
Monique A. McHenry, Ph.D.Assistant Professor Email | Bio
Anthony D. Morielli, Ph.D.Associate Professor(802) 656-4500Email | Bio | Lab
Amreen Mughal, Ph.D.Research Assistant Professor(802) 656-0782Email | Bio
Brent Osborne, Ph.D.
Volunteer Assistant Professor

Email | Bio
Maria Sancho Gonzalez
Research Assistant Professor(802) 656-8037
Email | Bio

George C. Wellman, Ph.D.

Professor(802) 656-3470Email | Bio | Lab
Secondary Faculty
Marilyn J. Cipolla, Ph.D.Professor, Neurological Sciences(802) 656-9714Email | Bio
Kalev Freeman, M.D., Ph.D.Assistant Professor, Surgical Research(802) 656-4216Email | Bio
Steven Lidofsky, M.D., Ph.D.Professor, Medicine(802) 656-8696Email | Bio
Gary M. Mawe, Ph.D.Professor, Neurological Sciences(802) 656-8257Email | Bio
Victor May, Ph.D.Professor, Neurological Sciences(802) 656-4579Email | Bio
George J. Osol, Ph.D.Professor, OB/GYN (Retired)(802) 656-1203Email | Bio
Paul L. Penar, M.D.Professor, Surgery(802) 847-3072Email | Bio
Adjunct Faculty
William Bress, Ph.D.Self Employed Toxicology Consultant(802) 863-7598Email | Bio
Scott Earley, Ph.D.University of Nevada

(775) 784-4301

Email | Research
Thomas Grace, MBABia Diagnostics(802)-540-0148
Email | Website
Ismail Laher, Ph.D.University of British Columbia(604) 822-5882Email | Research
W. Jonathan Lederer, M.D., Ph.D.University of Maryland(410) 706-2663
Email | Research
John A. MacKay, Ph.D.Synergistic Technologies Assoc. & Waters Corp. (508) 482-2104  @ Waters Corp.Email |
Fernando Santana, Ph.D.University of California at Davis(916) 734-2926Email | Research
Matthias Werner, Ph.D.Adjunct Assistant Professor44-161-275 1204Email
Emerti Faculty
Rosemary D. Bevan, M.D.

Professor Emeritus

Adrian D. Bonev, Ph.D.Professor Emeritus Email | Bio
Joseph E. Brayden, Ph.D.Professor Emeritus Email | Bio
John J. McCormack, Ph.D.Professor Emeritus Email | Bio
Joseph Charles, M.S.Wellman Lab Research Technician(802) 656-3391Email
Kirtika Chatri, M.S.Erdos Lab Research Technician(802) 656-0987Email
Susan CurtisAdministrative Assistant(802) 656-2500Email
Zachary Einwag. M.S.Erdos Lab Research Technician(802) 656-0987Email
Daniel Enders, M.S.
Nelson Lab Research Technician(802) 656-0782
Hannah FerrisWellman Lab Research Technician(802) 656-3391Email
Alexandria HeppNelson Lab Research Technician Email
Eleni KarabesiniMughal Lab Research Technician Email
Rochelle Irene O'BrienNelson Lab Research Technician Email
Elizabeth PendleburyNelson Lab Research Technician Email
Rachel PetroneWellman Lab Research Technician Email
Kelsey PhippsWellman Lab Research Technician Email
Amanda Senatore Harraz Lab Research Technician(802) 656-5758Email 
Allison SturtevantAdministrator(802) 656-4551Email
Jennifer TomczakCarr Lab Senior Research Technician(802) 656-9617Email
Terry WellmanNelson Lab Senior Research Technician(802) 656-0782Email
Post Docs
Nicholas Klug, Ph.D.Postdoctoral Associate - Nelson lab(802) 656-0782


Maria Noterman, Ph.D.
Postdoctoral Associate - Nelson lab
(802) 656-0987
Margaret Phillips, Ph.D.Postdoctoral Associate - Glass lab(802) 656-5758 Email
Graduate Students
Eric BolfGraduate Student(802) 656-9617Email
Cole D. DavidsonGraduate Student(802) 656-9617Email
Connor Cronin
Graduate Student
(802) 656-5712
Noelle GillisGraduate Student(802) 656-9617Email
Mingu KangGraduate Student(802) 656-2110Email
Skye Lockwood
Undergrad Student MS Pharm(802) 656-0987
Kiera MaloneGraduate Student(802) 656-5758Email
Kate QuinnGraduate Student(802) 656-5758Email
Kathryn SvecGraduate Student(802) 656-2110Email
Daniella ThorsdottirGraduate Student(802) 656-0987Email