URiM Pathway to Pediatrics (UPP) 

The URiM Pathway to Pediatrics (UPP) is a one-day program designed for students from racial and ethnic groups under-represented in medicine who are interested in careers in medicine

The program aims to provide undergraduates with exposure to careers in pediatrics through varied hands-on activities, small group discussions, and interactions with medical students and pediatric faculty.

The UPP program might be for you if you are: 

  • Considering a career in medicine with an interest in pediatrics.  
  • Interested in learning more about careers in medicine and pediatrics through hands-on activities
  • Looking for opportunities to explore diversity in medicine
  • Interested in engaging with clinicians, medical students, and other undergraduate students

The day’s activities will include:

  • Learning to think like a physician while collaborating to solve a clinical case
  • Exploring the role of pediatricians in advocating for systemic changes at local, state, and national levels and brainstorming how to approach specific child health issues
  • Lunch with medical students
  • Clinical Simulation Lab experiences and procedures
  • Dinner and a mixer at the end of the day to network with students and faculty

The UPP program received positive feedback from participants after its first year and is anticipated to recur yearly in the spring.  Many attendees have gone on to apply for the PIPE program to deepen their exploration of pediatrics.

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How to Apply

Application will be available soon.