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The NNE-CTR Seminar Series is your chance to learn and network. These online lunchtime presentations and Q&A sessions run from 12:00-1:00 and keep our members informed on the latest developments and trends in healthcare with a focus on rurality.

Panels consisting of leaders in their fields from Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, and beyond present on a variety of topics that address research and best medical practices to help us all work toward the delivery of equitable health services throughout our region. ensuring equitable health services delivery throughout Northern New England. Check out our events page for details on our upcoming seminars.

Topics for our seminars include:
  • addressing healthcare delivery challenges in our region
  • communication strategies for rural health services
  • impacts of COVID on our communities
  • recent changes and advances in regional health
  • telehealth in northern New England
  • tri-state health plans and policies

Announcements and links for seminars are sent via our members listserv. Join now to receive these updates and more.


June 14, 2024:NNE-CTR Pilot Project Presentations: Elizabeth Scharnetski (MH), Adapting Boot Camp Translation Methods to Engage Rural Communities in Lung Cancer Screening; Seth Frietze (UVM), Characterization of CDK12 as a Breast cancer Therapeutic Target.

June 21, 2024: NNE-CTR Pilot Project Presentations:  Timothy Burdick (NNE COOP PCBRN), A Comparision of Low Burden Data Collection Methods Using a Card Study on Primary Care Telehealth and Burnout; Constance Van Eeghan (UVM), Opioid Prescribing Patterns and Analysis of Secular Trends; David Kaminsky (UVM), Feasibility of Home Monitoring of Lung Function and Symptoms in Patients with COPD Exposed to Wood Smoke at Home.

June 24, 2024: Large Language Models & Healthcare: Is ChatGPT a Friend, a Foe, or the Tip of the Iceberg?  Dr. Elie Donath, Assistant Professor, UVM LCOM Department of Medicine

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