Research Navigators provide expert guidance across the research process.

The NNE-CTR has a large team of Research Navigators covering many specialties. Their job is to help members design, conduct, analyze, and report the best possible research. From identifying collaborators or funding sources to making the most striking figures, our Navigators are experts in the clinical and translational research process.graphic showing research process across 6 stages of Idea, Design, Funding, Research, Analysis, and Reporting

Research Navigators:

Research Navigators at MaineHealth and the University of Vermont help to translate member project ideas into measurable research. They provide a wide variety of services with specialized expertise in topics such as:

  • Data collection & management
  • Data analysis
  • Data visualization
  • Compliance and procedure
  • Grant preparation
  • IRB and IACUC approvals
  • Manuscript and presentation preparation
  • Policy and regulatory procedures
  • REDCap
  • Research design
"The Research Navigation team provides support to investigators, providing guidance and practical assistance in all stages of the research pathway."

- Deanna Williams, Research Navigator, MH

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Rural Research Navigators:

Rural Research Navigators at both MaineHealth and the University of Vermont facilitate and encourage research that engages communities. In addition to connecting community members and stakeholders with other Research Navigators, they also:

  • Conduct community needs assessments
  • Connect researchers, clinicians, & communities with shared interests
  • Educate communities about clinical & translational research
  • Educate researchers about community priorities
  • Facilitate collaboration between communities & institutions
"We connect clinicians and providers with the resources here at the NNE-CTR in all of our cores to enable them to successfully produce a study or paper. We act as the traffic controller for all those moving parts."

- Nancy Kaplan, Rural Research Navigator, UVM

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