External Resources

The NNE-CTR collaborates with many institutions and organizations across our region and nationally to share resources and training opportunities that will benefit our members. These resources cover topics such as research activity, professional development, and effective communication practices.

Research Resources

  • Group-Randomized Trials: This 7-part online course from the NIH helps researchers design and analyze effective and impactful group-randomized trials.
  • Mind the Gap: This webinar series from the NIH explores research design, measurement, intervention, data analysis, and other methods of interest in prevention science.
  • NIH Center for Scientific Review: Get guidance on how to prepare grant proposals and projects for NIH funding.
  • Pathways to Prevention: P2P workshops use an unbiased, evidence-based process to identify research gaps in a scientific area of broad public health importance. Each workshop focuses on a disease prevention topic with limited or underdeveloped research and a need for a critical assessment of the evidence.
  • Research Training Kiosk: Learn about the many types of grants and awards offered by the NIH to help advance research and careers in research.
  • OBSSR Trainings: Browse free online trainings from the Office of Behavioral and Social Sciences at NIH that address current training needs in the field.

Professional Development Resources

  • DIAMOND: DIAMOND is a collaborative discovery learning space for clinical research professionals where you can access or share competency based training offerings and assessments for workforce development
  • I-Trep at UVM: The I-Trep program at the University of Vermont provides education and skill development in entrepreneurship to facilitate the generation and competitiveness of biomedical businesses and to foster economic growth in IDeA states
  • Research Professionals Network: This UVM program provides professional development opportunities for research professionals through trainings, workshops, seminars, discussion groups, and other educational events
  • Tufts I LEARN: The Tufts Clinical and Translational Science Institute interactive education website, I Learn, offers a comprehensive library of educational courses in clinical and translational research for professional development.

Are you affiliated with one of our lead or partnering institutions? Browse their professional development offerings at the pages linked below.

Communication Resources

  • Alda Kavli Learning Center: Browse a wide array of free webinars from the Alan Alda Center for Communicating Science.
  • Health Equity Communication Principles: The CDC’s Health Equity Guiding Principles for Inclusive Communication are intended to help public health professionals ensure their communication products and strategies adapt to the specific cultural, linguistic, environmental, and historical situation of each population or audience of focus.
  • Health Literacy & Public Health: Provided by the New York-New Jersey Public Health Training Center, this training introduces the concept of health literacy and demonstrates how the public’s literacy skills affect interactions with health care providers and public health professionals.
  • LA CATS Health Literacy Core: Provided by the Louisiana CTR, these free tools and webinars are aimed at improving communication skills with patients.
  • Plain Language Trainings: This list contains a wide variety of freely available online trainings in using plain language to effectively convey complex information.

Accessibility Resources

  • Coblis Colorblind Simulator: This simulator lets you test whether your images, figures, and graphics are easily visible across the colorblindness spectrum.
  • Readability Analyzer: Writing a grant, abstract, or piece you want to be less jargonized and more easily readable? Use this tool to assess the complexity and readability of any written piece.
  • UVM Accessibility Overview: The Web Accessibility Overview contains resources, guides, and checklists that will help you make your presentations, papers, and other content accessible.
  • Web Accessibility Initiative: The WAI Accessibility Overview provides extensive resources and trainings on best practices for ensuring web-based content meets accessibility guidelines.

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