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Research Navigation and Planning

NNE-CTR Research Catalysts, located at both MMC and UVM offer comprehensive assistance and resources to help investigators move from research concept to active clinical or translational research project. These knowledgeable and supportive scientific partners are specifically charged with organizing and managing multidisciplinary research teams and projects. They can provide overall research facilitation, orientation, and direct assistance to investigators.

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  • Clinician mentorship with regard to research methodology and the culture of the basic scientist
  • Assistance for basic scientists in understanding the challenges of the clinical world as well as the opportunities it presents
  • Conceptualization of research projects (synthesizing literature and formulating research questions/hypotheses)
  • IRB determination of proposal adequacy and appropriateness
  • Research study design, including operationalizing questions, measurement issues, outcomes, and performing power calculations
  • Assistance with submission of regulatory documentation (IRB, Scientific Review, funding)
  • Access to biospecimens through the MMC and UVM tissue banks
  • Database development assistance
  • Consultation in data-collection phase
  • Data analysis, including interim analyses when required
  • Internal and external communication strategies
  • Presentation/manuscript preparation assistance


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Translational Research Technologies

Access instrumentation, expertise and other resources crucial to the success of clinical and translational research.

Find infrastructure and technical expertise for clinical and translational genomics, proteomics, cell and tissue analyses, and imaging.

In addition, our personnel can provide education and training about current and emerging technologies essential to making the most of your research effort and funds.

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