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Mentorship for clinical and translational investigators is complex. The NNE-CTR Network Professional Development Core employs a team-based approach, called mosaic mentorship. Mosaic mentorship may include a matrix of senior colleagues, teachers, and peers who provide ongoing input and counseling regarding professional and scientific career development.

Our process considers all of the following in developing a mentorship plan for network investigators:

  • Educational and professional background
  • Career goals, with a focus on clinical and translational research goals
  • Current professional and personal commitments

A successful mentorship arrangement can take many forms in terms of content and format, and while addressing the needs of the mentee, the relationships need to provide professional satisfaction to the mentors. The Professional Development Core is committed to facilitating mutually beneficial mosaic mentorship throughout the Northern New England Clinical & Translational Research Network.

Handout for Mentors

Mentee & Mentor Roles & Responsibilities

Format of 1-hour Mentoring Meeting

Individual Development Plan 

Utilize the network of collaborative Regional CTRs around the country as a resource for mentorship.  This link will provide a list of CTR Administrators who can connect you with the right experts. 

If you’re interested in sharing your expertise as a mentor and gaining a fresh perspective on clinical translational research in the process, click Be a Mentor below to tell us a little bit about your background and enter our pool of available mentors.

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If your career in clinical and translational research would benefit from focused, pertinent scientific or clinical mentorship, click Find a Mentor below to let us know your research interests and mentorship needs, and we will work with you to set up a mentorship plan.

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