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May 2024

Research with Special Patient Populations - Cancer Survivors: 
A Unique Population for Clinical Research

Didactic Session:  Kevin Stein, Ph.D., MaineHealth


Case Presentation: Leigh-Anne Cioffredi, MD, University of Vermont

2024.05_CRECHO Stein


April 2024Conducting Research using Electronic Health Record Data

Didactic Session: Amanda G. Kennedy, PharmD,  University of Vermont


Case Presentation: Marci Wood, PharmD, University of Vermont 



2024.04 CRECHO Kennedy_video

March 2024


Coproduction in Health Care and Research

Didactic Session: Marin Johnson, MS and Renee Wolff, MD, MPH


Case Presentation:  Bikki Tran Smith, University of Vermont

February 2024Designing Rural vs Urban Outcomes Research

Didactic Session: Kate Ahrens, PhD, MPH, University of Southern Maine


Case Presentation:  Kahsi Pedersen, Ph.D., MaineHealth

January 2024Team Science

Didactic Session: Charlie Irvin, Ph.D., University of Vermont


Case Presentation:  David Kaminsky, MD, University of Vermont

November 2023Designing a Randomized Clinical Trial: Experiences from the Department of Anesthesiology

Didactic Session: Aurora Quaye MD, Maine Medical Center


Case Presentation: Rachael Blake, MaineHealth

October 2023Researching New Targets for Therapy

Didactic Session: Jessica Heath, MD, University of Vermont


Case Presentation: Dr. Nimrat Chatterjeee

September 2023Qualitative Research and Design

Didactic Session: Mike Kohut, Ph.D., MaineHealth and Tufts Medical School


Case Presentation: Brendan Prast, MD, MaineHealth

May 2023Writing for the Medical Literature: What Gets Included, What Goes Where, and Best Practices

Didactic Session: Kathleen M. Fairfield, MD, MPH, DrPH, MaineHealth


Case Presentation: Stephanie Small, NP, Planned Parenthood of Northern New England

April 2023Logistics! Logistics! Logistics! Tricks for a Smooth-Running Study

Didactic Session: Lisa Lemire, MBA, MaineHealth


Case Presentation: Ivette Emery, Ph.D., MaineHealth


March 2023Putting Together a Study Budget

Didactic Session: Bridget Carney, University of Vermont


Case Presentation: Kate Beever, MA, MT-BC, MaineHealth

February 2023Show Me the Money! Funding Opportunities Across the Spectrum: Societies, Foundations, Big Pharma, Small Biotech, and the NIH

Didactic Session: Michaela Reagan PhD, MaineHealth


Case Presentation: Masha Ivanova, Ph.D., University of Vermont

January 2023Case-Control vs Cohort Studies: Design & Analysis

Didactic Session: Peter W. Callas, Ph.D., University Of Vermont

Case Presentation: Ivette Emery, MaineHealth


November 2022Chart Reviews with Epic Data for Research

First Didactic Session: John DiPalazzo, MaineHealth


Second Didactic Session: Allison Holm, Ph.D., and Elizabeth Carter, University of Vermont


Case Presentation: Rachel Heuer, MaineHealth

October 2022 

Didactic Session: Practice-Based Research

Neil Korsen, MD, MS, MaineHealth and Charles MacLean, MD, University of Vermont 


Case Presentation: Maureen B. Boardman, FNP, NNE CO-OP PCBRN










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