How We Support CTR Investigators

Our Community Engagement and Outreach Core team helps investigators and their study teams design projects and research strategies that bring the community voice to the center of their research. The NNE-CTR also has additional Research Navigators who can support investigators in the research process including study design, institutional review board approval, analysis, and more.


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At the NNE-CTR, we CONNECT researchers with community partners by ...
  • Engagiing investigators in research addressing community needs
  • Facilitating community outreach and engagement initiatives
  • Fostering meaningful connections between investigators and community members with shared areas of interest and expertise
  • Identifying community partners interested in research projects
We help researchers DESIGN effective community-engaged research projects by ... 
  • Assisting with integrating methods of community engagement in study design and execution
  • Educating about community-engaged research
  • Evaluating delivery of health interventions and projects in communities
  • Navigating barriers to carrying out research in a community
We foster meaningful DIALOGUES between research teams and community experts by ...
  • Consulting to identify and address community priorities
  • Promoting community-engaged research
  • Providing support for communication and dissemination strategies with community partners


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