Dark green title that reads The NNE-CTR Mission

The Northern New England Clinical & Translational Research Network (NNE-CTR) is committed to health equity in communities, with a focus on rurality. Through collaborations with an expanding network engaging our academic institutions, health care organizations, and local community stakeholders, we leverage innovative strategies and technologies to address health and healthcare challenges. Together, we transform research and health infrastructures to meet the needs of our region.

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Bright green banner that says Regional Health Equity

  • Building a bidirectional communication network to meet rural communities via their preferred local channels
  • Evaluating NNE-CTR projects to ensure our healthcare solutions represent the diversity of our populations
  • Ongoing evaluation of trends in regional health needs & delivery post-COVID


blue title that reads National Impact

  • Developing and sharing innovative clinical tools to meet local, national, & international health needs
  • Engaging with NIH & IDeA network initiatives at the national level, such as N3C, RECOVER, & RADx-Up
  • Supporting national clinical trials, such as ACTIV-6, through our community health networks


The NNE-CTR Goals

  1. Expand infrastructure, collaborations, and human resources to meet clinical and translational research needs in northern New England.
  2. Strengthen bidirectional community engagement to ensure research reflects the health priorities and diversity of our region.
  3. Serve as a bridge connecting northern New Englanders with nationwide resources and initiatives, such as NCORP, N3C, RECOVER, ACTIV 6, and other CTSI and IDeA collaborations.

What is the NNE-CTR?

We are a network of researchers, clinicians, and community partners across Vermont, Maine, and New Hampshire dedicated to achieving health equity through innovative, regionally-relevant research.

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