Department Chair
Gregory L. Holmes, M.D.Chair, Professor(802) 656-4588 Email | Bio
Akintola, Oluwatosin, M.D.Assistant Professor(802) 847-4589Email | Bio
Barry, Jeremy, Ph.D.Assistant Professor(802) 656-4670Email | Bio
Bazarsky, Allyson, D.O. Assistant Professor(802) 847-4589Email | Bio
Bingham, Peter M, M.D.Professor(802) 847-4589Email | Bio
Black, Ellen, Ph.D.Assistant Professor(802) 656-9397Email | Bio
Bock, Davi, Ph.D.Associate Professor(802) 656-3206Email | Bio
Boyd, James T, M.D. Professor(802) 847-4589Email | Bio
Boyer, Edward, M.D.Assistant Professor(802) 847-4589Email | Bio
Braas, Karen, Ph.D.Associate Professor(802) 656-4579Email | Bio
Brittain, Stephen, M.D.Clinical Assistant Professor(802) 775-4266Email | Bio
Burch, Rebecca, M.D.Clinical Assistant Professor(802) 847-4589Email | Bio
Cipolla, Marilyn, Ph.D.Professor(802) 656-8436Email | Bio | Lab
Commichau, Christopher S., M.D.Professor(802) 847-4589Email | Bio
Deuel, Lisa, M.D. Assistant Professor(802) 847-4589Email | Bio
Ezerman, Elizabeth, Ph.D.Assistant Professor Emerita(802) 656-0499Email | Bio
Forehand, Cynthia, Ph.D.Professor, Dean of the Graduate College (802) 656-8060Email | Bio
Fries, Timothy J., M.D.Associate Professor/Associate Clerkship Director(802) 847-2788Email | Bio
Gunnlaugsson, Sigfus, M.D.Assistant Professor(802) 847-4589Email | Bio
Gupta, Deepak K., M.D.Assistant Professor(802) 847-4589Email | Bio
Hamill, Robert W., M.D.Professor and Chair Emeritus(802) 656-4588Email | Bio
Hehir, Michael K., M.D.Professor(802) 847-4589Email | Bio
Henry, Sharon, Ph.D.Professor Emeritus(802) 656-9207Email | Bio
Hernan, Amanda, Ph.D.Affiliated Assistant Professor  
Hielscher, Abigail, Ph.D.Assistant Professor(802) 656-8983Email | Bio
Hirtz, Deborah., M.D.Professor(802) 847-4589Email l Bio
Jaworski, Diane, Ph.D.Professor Emerita(802) 656-0538Email | Bio
Jebbett, Nathan, Ph.D.Assistant Professor(802) 656-7123Email | Bio
Johnson, Abbie C., Ph.D.Assistant Professor(802) 656-4210Email | Bio | Lab
Kolb, Noah, M.D.Associate Professor/Clerkship Director(802) 847-4589Email | Bio
Lavoie, Brigitte, Ph.D.Assistant Professor(802) 656-0596Email | Bio
Levit, Elle, M.D.Assistant Professor(802) 847-4589Email | Bio
Mahoney, John Matthew, Ph.D.Affiliated Assistant Professor(802) 656-4580Email | Bio
Mawe, Gary, Ph.D.Professor(802) 656-8257Email | Bio | Lab
May, Victor, Ph.D.Professor(802) 656-4579Email | Bio
McSherry, Joseph, M.D., Ph.D.Associate Professor(802) 847-2788Email | Bio
Moustakas, Argirios, M.D.Assistant Professor(802) 862-5759Email l Bio
Nagle, Keith J., M.D.Associate Professor(802) 847-2788Email | Bio
Obretenova, Souzana, M.D.Assistant Professor(802) 847-4589Email | Bio
Packard, Andreja, M.D., Ph.D.Assistant Professor(802) 847-4589Email | Bio
Parsons, Rodney, Ph.D.Professor Emeritus(802) 656-2148Email | Bio
Pendlebury, William, M.D.Professor(802) 847-4589Email | Bio
Phillips, Nicholas, M.D.Assistant Professor(802) 847-4589Email | Bio
Ricci, Anna, Ph.D.Assistant Professor(802) 656-0414Email | Bio
Roy-Hewitson, Chantal, M.D.Assistant Professor(802) 847-4589Email | Bio
Scott, Rodney, M.D., Ph.D.Adjunct Professor  
Shapiro, Robert E., M.D., Ph.D.Professor(802) 847-4589Email | Bio
Sobhani, Fatemeh, M.D.Assistant Professor/Associate Clerkship Director(802) 847-4589Email | Bio
Solomon, Andrew J., M.D.Professor(802) 847-4589Email | Bio
Spear-Bishop, Estelle, Ph.D.Assistant Professor(802) 656-4407Email | Bio
Sprouse-Blum, Adam, M.D.Assistant Professor(802) 847-4587Email | Bio
Stafford, James, Ph.D.Assistant Professor(802) 656-4584Email | Bio
Syeda, Safoora, M.D.Assistant Professor(802) 847-4589Email | Bio
Tandan, Rup, M.D., FRCPProfessor Emeritus(802) 847-4589Email | Bio
Taylor, John Steele, M.D.Assistant Professor(802) 847-4589Email | Bio
Thomas, Alissa, M.D.Associate Professor/Residency Director(802) 656-8982Email l Bio
Turpin, Edward, M.D.Assistant Professor(802) 847-4589Email | Bio
Vitorovic, Danilo, M.D. Adjunct Professor  
Vizzard, Margaret, Ph.D.Professor/Vice-Chair for Education & Research, Neurological Sciences(802) 656-3209Email | Bio | Lab
Waheed, Waqar, M.D.Professor, Vice-Chair Clinical Affairs, Neurological Sciences(802) 847-2788Email | Bio
Wayman, Katherine, M.D.Assistant Professor(802) 847-4589Email | Bio
Weston, Matthew, Ph.D.Adjunct Professor(802) 656-2829Email | Bio | Lab
White, Sheryl, Ph.D.Assistant Professor(802) 656-2007Email | Bio
Wilson, Diana, M.D.Assistant Professor(802) 847-4589Email | Bio
Zambrano, Daniela, M.D.Assistant Professor(802) 656-8036Email | Bio
Zoller, Larry, Ph.D.Adjunct Professor Email

Joint Faculty
Coderre, Emily, Ph.D.Assistant Professor Communication Sciences & Disorders(802) 656-0202 
Dunning, Susan, M.D.Assistant Professor Department of Medicine, Pulmonary Medicine(802) 847-6177Email | Bio
Delay, Rona, Ph.D.Associate Professor Department of Biology(802) 656-4086Email | Bio
Johnson, David, M.D.Associate Professor Interventional Radiology(802) 847-8359 
Lamantia, Michael, M.D.,MPHAssociate Professor Geriatric Medicine(802) 656-4560 
Podhajski, Blanche, Ph.D.Clinical Associate Professor Department of Communication Sciences(802) 878-2332Email | Bio
Raymond, Scott, M.D.Assistant Professor Radiology  
Siket, Matthew, M.D., M.Sc.Assistant Professor of Emergency Department(802) 847-2434 
Skidd, Philip, M.D.Assistant Professor of Surgical Ophthalmology(802) 847-8862Email
Spees, Jeffrey, Ph.D.Associate Professor, Department of Medicine, Cardiovascular Medicine(802) 656-2388Email | Bio
Whitaker, Emmett, M.D. Clinical Associate Professor, Department of Anesthesiology(802) 656-5424Email | Lab


Postdoctoral Associates
Anderson, Jennifer, Ph.D.Post Doctoral Associate Email
Gannon, Olivia, Ph.D.Post Doctoral Associate Email
Kloc, Michelle, Ph.D.Post Doctoral Associate Email
Legan, Theresa, Ph.D.Post Doctoral Associate Email
Tobin, Willie, Ph.D.Post Doctoral Associate Email


Residents & Fellows
Bacopulos, Agnes, M.D.PGY-4(802) 847-4589Email
Bartman, Kristin, M.D.PGY-4(802) 847-4589Email
Beal, Ryan, D.O.PGY-3(802) 847-4589Email
Blum, Samantha, D.O.PGY-2(802) 847-4589Email
Brown, Callie Rose, D.O.PGY-2(802) 847-4589Email
D'Agostino, Erin, M.D.PGY-1(802) 847-4589Email
DeStefano, April, M.D.PGY-1(802) 847-4589Email
Forstein, Agatha, M.D.PGY-1(802) 847-4589Email
Heward, Karl, M.D.PGY-3(802) 847-4589Email
Karpinski, John, D.O.PGY-1(802) 847-4589Email
Kinnamon, Kaley, M.D.PGY-4(802) 847-4589Email
Lakusta-Wong, Taylor, M.D.PGY-2(802) 847-4589Email
Morehead, Adam, M.D.PGY-2(802) 847-4589Email
Morgan, Cassie, D.O.PGY-1(802) 847-4589Email
Scott, Samae, M.D.PGY-3(802) 847-4589Email
Seyam, Muhannad, M.D.PGY-3(802) 847-4589Email
Skogsholm, Lauren, M.D.PGY-4(802) 847-4589Email
Wirth, Sabrina, M.D.PGY-2(802) 847-4589Email


Affiliated Staff
Holman, ElaineNeuroscience Graduate Program Administrator(802) 656-9677Email
Bolt, SerenityInterdisciplinary Programs Assistant

(802) 656-1178


Bateman, LynnAnatomical Gift Program Technician(802) 656-4638Email
Bigelow, SharronFinancial Assistant(802) 656-4588Email
Brisson, BridgetGrants Management Specialist(802) 656-4588Email
Buttolph, ThomasTechnician COBRE Cellular/Molecular Facility(802) 656-4549Email
Campbell, SusanSenior Laboratory Technician(802) 656-1196Email
Clason, Todd, M.S.Researcher / Analyst COBRE Imaging/Physiology Facility(802) 656-0413Email
Cudhea, BrandolynBinter Center Program Coordinator(802) 847-4334Email
Fay, Deborah D.Residency Program Administrator (802) 656-5175Email
Frey-Delaportas, EricaEducation Support Coordinator(802) 656-4588Email
Girard, Beatrice, Ph.DResearch Analyst(802) 656-4602 Email
Guild, AndreaAdministrative Assistant to Chair(802) 847-3773Email
Houston, EmilyResearch Coordinator(802) 656-8974Email
Leckey, HeatherNetwork Stroke Program Manager(802) 373-6704
Pager #5872
Line, Steven Anatomical Gift Program Director(802) 656-2261Email
Low, JaneClinical Research Coordinator(802) 847-0983Email
McElhinney, LizClerkship Coordinator(802) 656-4675Email
Merriam, Laura, M.S.Senior Lab Technician (802) 656-8044Email
Mills, DanielDepartment Business Manager(802) 656-0435 Email
Provencher, JenniferClerkship Coordinator(802) 656-4675Email
St. Saveur, AveryResearch Project Assistant(802) 656-4582Email
Thompson, KellyFellowship Program Administrator(802) 847-6177Email
Tremble, Sarah M.Research Analyst(802) 656-4240Email
Wydra, JennaStroke Program Coordinator(802) 656-8036Email