Student Stories

Kyra Fryling, MMG Student"The MMG department is really like a little family – faculty and peers care not only about your academic interests and experiences, but are always there to listen to and support you outside of the classroom. Although the academics are certainly vigorous, classroom attitude is more focused on collaboration than competition, and in this way I feel well prepared for a career in microbiology following graduation."

-Kyra (Microbiology '19)


Noah Chirico, MMG Student

"The MMG department was fantastic, with great professors and compelling classes that opened me up to a whole new unseen world of microbes and all the possibilities that can be opened up through them."

-Noah (Microbiology '19)

Megna Senthilnathan, MMG Student"I was able to get so much hands on experience through the coursework and the labs. The faculty are so supportive of our career goals, and are always available for a chat. I also really enjoyed the emphasis placed on real world experience. I know I will be well prepared for a career in science after graduation. "

-Megna (Molecular Genetics '19)

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Sally Ma, MMG Student

"Through the various lab and lecture courses they provide, they have not only expanded my knowledge, but they have also grounded me by emphasizing that these concepts are not just in the textbooks— they are very much alive. They emphasize that although our main focus of study is microscopic, their impact on us is macroscopic, just as their impact on my college experience has been macroscopic for shaping my career beyond UVM."

- Sally (Microbiology '19)