Brenda Tessmann, M.S.

Assistant Professor

Training & Education

Brenda Tessmann received her B.S. in Medical Technology from the University of Vermont.  Upon graduation, she worked as an ASCP registered Medical Technologist in a clinical laboratory and was subsequently promoted to a position as Chief Technologist.  During this time, she gained extensive experience in clinical laboratory science and administration.  She was awarded a M.S. degree in Medical Technology from the University of Vermont where she studied the statistical analysis of selected undergraduate admission criteria before joining the Department of Medical Microbiology in 1981 and transitioning to the newly formed Department of Microbiology and Molecular Genetics in 1987.  Since that time, she has taught and coordinated all of the microbiology laboratories in this department.


Brenda coordinates laboratories in MMG65 (Microbiology and Pathogenesis), MMG101 (Biology of Microorganisms) and  MMG222 (Clinical Microbiology).
Brenda Tessmann, MS in lab

Contact Information

Office: 114A Stafford Hall

Phone: 802-656-8254