Department of Medicine - Administration


Medicine Chair & Vice Chairs

Polly E. Parsons, MDE.L. Amidon Professor of Medicine &  Chair(802) 847-4950
Mary Cushman, M.D.Professor & Vice Chair for Emerging Researchers(802) 656-8959
Mark Pasanen, M.D.Associate Professor & Vice Chair for Education(802) 847-4959
Kristen Pierce M.D.Professor & Vice Chair for Academic Affairs(802) 847-2264
Joseph Pierson M.D.Professor & Vice Chair for Faculty Development(802) 847-8770
Allen Repp, MDAssociate Professor & Vice Chair for Quality(802) 847-4237
Michael Toth, PhDProfessor & Vice Chair for Research(802) 847-2879


Medicine Administrative Staff 

Allen Mead
Director, Medicine Specialty Services
(802) 847-5877
Lori Ann RoyDirector, Cancer Center Operations(802) 847-5877
Tammy Stockton, R.N.Director, General Internal Medicine & Geriatrics(802) 847-8797
Chapin LaShombeAssistant Director, Department of Medicine(802) 847-7369
Jake Hammond
Assistant Director, Cancer Services(802) 847-4592
Kelly Marcotte
Financial Specialist, The University of Vermont Medical Center(802) 847-2568
Gina McClainAdministrator, University of Vermont(802) 847-1271
Bridget TullyHR Coordinator, University of Vermont(802) 847-4271
Lisa Yates
Supervisor Medicine Operations Support Services
(802) 847-5451
Michaelanne Rowen, R.N.Manager Clinical Research(802) 847-4746