Ask for Help in Getting Started

Here are some of the things the Quality Program can help you with:

  • Brainstorming ideas for a project
  • Refining your project goal or question
  • Designing a project 
  • Thinking through evaluation
  • Navigating the IRB
  • Understanding the process for requesting EPIC data
  • Linking you to other people and/or resources, where appropriate


Ask for Help with Statistics

The Analytic Support Program assists faculty-led Quality Improvement (QI) projects and resident/fellow QI projects that are mentored by faculty with the goal of moving them to a scholarly product. To apply for statistical support, visit the Analytic Support Program.

Photo of the Quality Program team The Chart QI Projects 2017_150

Start a High Value Care Project


The Department of Medicine supports ACP's High Value Care initiative to improve health, avoids harms, and eliminates wasteful practices. Our High Value Care Program offers project management, data analytics, and resources to conduct and share local projects that meaningfully address High Value Care. To apply for resources and support, visit the High Value Care Program.

Vo ESR and CRP poster 2018.05