Education250X180_000The Immunobiology faculty provide mentoring to undergraduate, graduate, postdoctoral trainees, and clinical fellows at the University of Vermont Larner College of Medicine and The University of Vermont Medical Center. We offer numerous opportunities to overlap in training with researchers working on asthma in the Vermont Lung Center, Microbiology and Infectious Diseases researchers with interest in the immune response to infections, and researchers at the Vermont Cancer Center.



Postdoctoral Research

There are several postdoctoral fellows in the Immunobiology Program. Postdoctoral fellows apply directly to the laboratory director (see labs below). Many of our postdoctoral fellows have competed successfully for postdoctoral fellowships from NIH or research foundations.

Graduate Education

The Immunobiology Program has an NIH T32 Training Grant that funds four pre-doctoral positions.

Graduate students in Immunobiology enroll through the Cell and Molecular Biology Graduate Program (CMB). Students are provided a competitive stipend and health benefits. They have ample opportunity present their research at weekly laboratory meetings of all the Immunobiology personnel, as well as at the weekly CMB seminar series.

There are on average about 40 students in the CMB program and most have gone on to very competitive laboratories for their postdoctoral work.

Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate research studies can be conducted individually with an investigator as an honor's thesis. See the Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR), housed in the Honors College, for valuable resources for all undergraduate students.