Department of Medicine

Eureka Funding Guidelines

The Eureka Funding mechanism is an initiative launched to provide early pilot funding for promising investigator initiated research. This mechanism is intended for projects at an earlier stage than those that might qualify for other traditional DOM/LCOM funding mechanisms (i.e. DOM Translational Medicine or LCOM Internal Grant Program), such as proof-of-concept or high risk-high reward type studies. While no formal linkage or commitment exists between this mechanism and the LCOM's Internal Grant Program mechanism (which provides a 2:1 match to $50K), Eureka funds may be referenced as partial departmental support for matching funds. 

Mechanism Specifics:

Eligibility - available to Department of Medicine faculty members who meet UVM’s Principal Investigator Eligibility policy guidelines

Funding - up to $10,000 may be requested

Review – the department’s Research Committee will review applications to assess the merit and feasibility of the request and issue a recommendation to the Chair

Administrative Considerations:

  • Applications will be accepted on an open basis. The Research Committee meets monthly, and funding notifications should be available within one-month of receiving an application.
  • If an application is selected for funding, the project’s funding will not be released until all necessary IRB/IACUC protocol(s) have been reviewed/approved
  • Since applicants will not be present at the review session, the proposal must be as clear and concise as possible. In addition, all technical aspects should provide sufficient details within the context of the page limitations.  

Application Packets Should be Emailed to Tina Mazuzan (