Housestaff Selection Committee

Committee Mission:

The Housestaff Selection Committee is responsible for the recruitment of Internal Medicine Residents.  This includes a careful review of applications from candidates, interviews of the invited candidates and, finally the compilation of the rank list for Match Day. As we receive over 1300 applications for residency, and interview over 200 applicants, this committee serves a critical role in the success of the residency.



S. Eldakar-Hein, Chair

M. Antkowiak

J. Bartsch

F. Foerg

E. Ganguly

G. Garrison

M. Gilbert

S. Grant

A. Hale

W. Hopkins

D. Kaminsky

C. Lyon

R. McEntee

P. Menon

C. Noyes

M. Pasanen

K. Pierce

D. Rand

A. Repp

L. Smith

H. Sobel

A. Teleron

J. Winget