Visiting Student Elective Scholarship Program (VSESP)

Thank you for your interest in our program.  We are very excited to announce that we will be hosting visiting students through VSESP starting September, 2023.  Please apply for the elective via VSLO in addition to your VSESP application.

Eligibility and Application Process

E-mail Ellen Dimick (, the Dermatology VSESP Coordinator:

  • A short letter of interest (200 words or less) addressing their interest in pursuing a career in dermatology and how their unique perspectives and lived experiences will contribute to diversity in medicine and the elimination of health disparities.

Information for visiting students.


UVM Dermatology is committed to diversifying and mentoring the pool of potential residents that will help build a strong pipeline for future faculty.

Our Visiting Student Elective is a 4-week acting internship designed for 4th yar medical student who intend to pursue a career in dermatology.  The elective is offered from June through September each year.

The Scholarship program provides a $2,500 stipend to visiting students to support travel and housing during the elective.

Students will work at the UVM Medical Center, primarily in our outpatient clinic and in addition will have opportunities to see patients in our emergency department and inpatient consultations.  We see an extensive range of dermatologic cases from a vast geographic area that includes Vermont and Northern New York.

During the elective, student will work on one or more of our sub-specialty services which include:  pediatric dermatology, Mohs Surgery and dermatopathology.

Students actively participate in scheduled clinic sessions.  Thursday afternoon academic half day includes lectures, journal club, clinical pathologic correlations, and grand rounds.  They will become part of our UVM Derm family during their month as they learn more about our program and the beautiful Burlington area.


VSESP Group Pic

Students will benefit from working alongside our dynamic residents, fellows and faculty who come from a broad range of backgrounds and have unique academic interests.  Mentorship and advising takes place with our close-knit group of residents, fellows, Associate Program Director, Program Director and also from faculty with diverse subspecialty training and interests.

Feedback and Evaluations

PowerPoint presentation required at conclusion of rotation.  Evaluations will be completed by the Program Director in close collaboration with faculty, residents and fellows.  Grades for transcript purposes will be based on each student's home institution grade options.