Division Director
David J. Schneider, MD
Professor (802) 656-8953
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Aderonke Adeniyi, MD
Assistant Professor
(802) 847-4600
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Philip Ades, MD
Professor / Director of Cardiac Rehabilitation and Preventive Medicine(802) 847-2693EmailBio
Robert (Mark) Burke, MD
Clinical Practice Physician
(802) 847-4600
Mark A. Capeless, MDProfessor / Director of Cardiac Electrophysiology Training Program / Director of Cardiovascular Disease Training Program(802) 847-4539Email Bio
Kevin T. Carey, MDAssistant Professor(802) 847-4600Email Bio
Daniel Correa de Sa, MDAssistant Professor(802) 847-4600Email | Bio
Harold Dauerman, MD
Professor of Medicine and Surgery / Network Director, Interventional Cardiology
(802) 847-3602Email Bio
John M. Fitzgerald, MDAssistant Professor(802) 847-4600Email Bio
Eric A. Gauthier, MD
Assistant Professor
(802) 847-4600Email | Bio
Prospero Gogo, Jr., MD
Associate Professor of Medicine / Director of Interventional Cardiology Training Program / Director of Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory(802) 847-3602Email Bio
William Hopkins, MD
Associate Professor / Director of Adult Congenital Heart Disease and Pulmonary Hypertension Program(802) 847-3655Email Bio
Roger G. Ishac, MD
Assistant Professor
(802) 847-4600Email | Bio
Friederike Keating, MDAssociate Professor / Director of Nuclear Cardiology / Cardiovascular Fellowship Program Director / Women's Cardiac Care Program Leader(802) 847-3655Email Bio
Robert Kelm, PhDAssociate Professor(802) 656-0329

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Sherrie Khadanga, MD
Assistant Professor
(802) 847-3655Email | Bio
Rony N. Lahoud, MD
Assistant Professor
(802) 847-3602
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Martin M. LeWinter, MDProfessor(802) 847-3734Email Bio
Robert Lobel, MD
Assistant Professor (802) 847-4539Email Bio
Daniel Lustgarten, MD, PhD
Professor (802) 847-4539Email Bio
Richard L. Page, MDProfessor / Dean of the Larner College of Medicine(802) 847-4600Email | Bio
Peter Spector, MD
Professor / Director of Electrophysiology / Electrophysiology Fellowship Training Program Director(802) 847-4539Email Bio
Jeffrey Spees, PhD
Associate Professor / Director, Stem Cell Core Facility(802) 656-2388Email Bio
Edward F. Terrien, MDAssociate Professor / Ambulatory Cardiovascular Clinic Director(802) 847-3602Email Bio
Nathaniel C. Thompson, MD
Assistant Professor
(802) 847-4539
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Marc D. Tischler, MD
Associate Professor / Echocardiography Laboratory Director(802) 847-2879Email Bio
Michael Toth, PhD
Associate Professor (802) 656-7989
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Peter VanBuren, MD
Associate Professor (802) 847-3655Email Bio
Matthew Watkins, MD
Professor / Director of Interventional Cardiology / Director of Interventional Cardiology Fellowship Training Program(802) 847-3602Email Bio
Joseph F. Winget, MDAssociate Professor(802) 847-4539Email Bio
Magdalena Zeglin, MD
Assistant Professor
(802) 847-4600Email | Bio
Pierre Znojkiewicz, MD
Assistant Professor(802) 847-4600Email | Bio