Student Council

The Council represents all students enrolled at UVM LCOM. Duties include, but are not limited to, serving as a liaison between the student body and administrative offices, oversight of the class budgets and Student Interest Groups, and promotion of camaraderie among students through creation of various social functions, including class events, formals and the Osler Banquet.

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Student Interest Groups & Event Planning

September 2018 Meeting Highlights

  • Reviewed various resources for the USMLE, such as Step 1 Saturday School and Step 1 consultation
  • The co2021 is arranging a group purchase for UWorld to take place this month
  • Began planning for this year’s school apparel order which will be through LL Bean
  • Approved funding increase for Lunch on the Wards

June 2018 Meeting Highlights

  • Dr. Richard Page has been selected as the new dean for the medical school! He will succeed Dean Morin and be joining us from the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine later this year on October 1st
  • Student Lounge will be closed on June 19th & 20th for maintenance and circuit updates
  • Orientation for the co2022 is currently being planned. Events planned so far include the Big Sib/Little Sib lunch on Tuesday 8/14, community service events on Friday 8/17, and the student leadership BBQ on Friday 8/17
  • The LCOM Social Justice Coalition is currently working with the Foundations curriculum committee to incorporate learning about more social factors into medical education. If anyone has ideas they would like to see represented, please submit to the coalition

May 2018 Meeting Highlights

  • Student Lounge Updates – we are looking into cost estimates to increase the electrical circuits in the kitchen, which would enable more microwaves to be utilized without overloading the fuse. The computer kiosks are currently being inspected to get them back up and running properly. Also, the fridge cleaning will be taking place later this month so stay tuned for more information.
  • The Vermont Marathon will be held on Sunday, May 27th and we are in need of student volunteers to help out with the Med tent and other tasks
  • The Endies is coming up on Thursday, May 17th. Come celebrate the end of the year at Echo Aquarium with food, friends, faculty and fun.

April 2018 Meeting Highlights

  • Following student feedback, we are looking into potential locations for a water bottle filling station
  • Met with the president and vice-president of the Graduate Student Senate, Leslie & Devin
  • Adaptors for surface pros are now available in all MedEd rooms
  • Began planning for the Endies, which will be held at ECHO Aquarium on May 17th

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Class of 2019

James Duguay
Hyunsoo No
Niketu Patel
Sravana Paladugu

Sean Closs
Chantal Mendes 

Class of 2020

Ava Bakhtyari
William B. Earle
Nikolas Moring
Elizabeth S. O'Neill

Harris Syed
Emily Vayda

Class of 2021

Cameron Burke
Naira Goukasian
Sidika Kajtezovic
Evan Lowry
Davina Tolbert

Class of 2022

Patrick Clarke
Alim Esemenli
Matt Hill
Alexa Pius
Rachel Tobin