Medical Student Education Faculty & Staff

christa_zehleChrista Zehle, M.D.

Senior Associate Dean for Medical Education
Associate Professor of Pediatrics Pediatric Hospitalist

Raiel BarlowRaiel Barlow, M.D.

Interim Assistant Dean for Admissions

Assistant Professor of Orthopedics and Rehabilitation

Elise EverettElise Everett, M.D., M.S.

Level Director of Clinical Clerkship

Associate Professor of Gynecological Oncology

Nathalie FeldmanNathalie Feldman, M.D.

Director of the Learning Environment
Assistant Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology

Interim Associate Dean for Admissions

Laura GreeneLaura Greene, M.D.

Interim Assistant Dean for Admissions

Associate Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

Katie HuggettKatie Huggett, Ph.D.Assistant Dean for Medical Education
Director of the Teaching Academy
Professor of Medicine and Pathology
Ellen KulagaEllen Kulaga, M.D.Assistant Dean for Students at Clinical Branch Campus – Connecticut
Karen LounsburyKaren Lounsbury, Ph.D.Level Director of Foundations and Pre-Clinical Assessment
Professor of Pharmacology
Jesse MooreJesse Moore, M.D.Director of Active Learning
Associate Professor of Surgery
Vincent MillerVincent Miller, M.D.Clinical Director of the Clinical Simulation Laboratory
Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology
Cate NicholasCate Nicholas, Ed.D., M.S., P.A.Director of Education and Operations, Clinical Simulation Laboratory and Director of the Standardized Patient Program
Jon Rosen, M.D.Jonathan M. Rosen, M.D..Associate Dean for Medical Education at Clinical Branch Campus – Connecticut
Lee RosenLee Rosen, Ph.D.

Director of Student Well-being

Interim Associate Dean for Students

Assistant Professor in Psychiatry and Clinical Assistant
Professor in the Department of Psychological Science

Matthew BellmayMatt BellmaySimulation Equipment Technician, Clinical Simulation Laboratory
Bob BolyardBob BolyardStandardized Patient Educator, Clinical Simulation Laboratory
Tess BosleyTess BosleyCurriculum Coordinator, Foundations
brayden_kariKari BraydenStudent Financial Services Coordinator, Student Services
Matthew BreslerMatthew BreslerInstructional Designer, Active Learning
Amanda Broder Amanda BroderAdministrative Coordinator, Teaching Academy
Helen BrunelleHelen BrunelleAdministrative Assistant, Clinical Simulation Laboratory
Colleen CaseColleen CaseExecutive Assistant to the Senior Associate Dean for Medical Education
Julie ChiappinelliJulie Chiappinelli

Curriculum Coordinator, Foundations

James CourtJames CourtSimulation Equipment Technician, Clinical Simulation Laboratory
Jacqueline DrouinJacqueline Drouin, MPA
Clinical Coordinator, Clerkship
faustner_emmaEmma FaustnerCoordinator, Advanced Integration and Residency Placement
Audree FreyAudree FreyGlobal Health and Clinical Affiliation/Outreach Program Coordinator
Summer GriffinSummer GriffinAdministrative Coordinator, Student Services

Kiersten Hallquist

Kiersten Hallquist, M.Ed.
Student Services Coordinator, Student Services
Leigh Ann Holterman Leigh Ann Holterman, Ph.D.
Director of Curriculum Evaluation and Assessment, Teaching Academy
AnnMarie JermyAnnMarie JermyFinance and Human Resource Administrator, Medical Education
Cary JewkesCary Jewkes, M.Ed.
Director of Admissions, Admissions
Katarina KhosraviKatarina KhosraviAdmissions Coordinator, Admissions
long_melissaMelissa LongLarner College of Medicine Registrar, Student Services
Karina LopezKarina LopezInstructional Designer, Active Learning
Susan LuceSusan LuceAdministrative Coordinator, Clinical Simulation Laboratory
Shirley McAdamShirley McAdamStandardized Patient Educator, Clinical Simulation Laboratory
mcelhinney_liz_001Liz McElhinney, M.Ed.
Director of Pre-Matriculation Programs, Admissions
Timothy MoynihanTimothy Moynihan, Ph.D.Director of Academic Achievement, Student Services
Julia O'ConnorJulia O'ConnorInstructional Designer, Active Learning
Sarah PageSarah PageSimulation Lead Equipment Technician, Clinical Simulation Laboratory
Jessie90x120Jessie Raven, M.M.Curriculum Coordinator, Foundations
Jeff RectorJeff Rector
System and Assessment Coordinator, Clinical Simulation Laboratory
Cara Simone
Cara Simone, M.A.
Manager of Curricular Design and Delivery, Active Learning
Chelsey StackChelsey StackAdministrative Coordinator, Medical Education
Eva WiltonEva Wilton  Administrative Coordinator, Admissions