Educating physicians to serve diverse populations

The Office of Medical Education (OME) supports the primary mission of the Larner College of Medicine: to educate a diverse group of dedicated physicians and biomedical scientists. We assist students throughout their medical education experience and beyond, provide faculty development, and facilitate continual improvement of the medical curriculum.

curriculumThe Curriculum 

The Vermont Integrated Curriculum (VIC) fully integrates primary education in the basic sciences with a solid foundation in basic health science knowledge and clinical skills. Also included are programs in leadership skills, professional development, research and teaching skills.

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ActiveLearning-200x200Active Learning

The Larner College of Medicine delivers curriculum using evidence-based pedagogy, as we rely on evidence-based medicine. This method of active learning teaching methods builds student engagement in constructing knowledge rather than (passively) absorbing knowledge from an expert. Students develop skills, such as clinical reasoning, analysis, and application. In this process, we train doctors to synthesize information and think critically.

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Student ServicesStudent Services

The Medical Student Services Team provides student service and support for academic success, career advising, and personal health and wellbeing. The Student Services Team serves as a student advocate for all students, and supports the Student Council, the Wellness Committee, the student honors societies (AOA and GHHS) and the Committee on Advancement and Fitness.

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GlobalHealth2-200x200Global Health Program

The Larner College of Medicine's Global Health Program is a partnership with Nuvance Health that centers on international partnerships in sites around the world. The program focus is on improving patient care and medical education through cooperation and the exchange of ideas. By exposing students to different health care systems and socioeconomic structures, the program aims to give an understanding of the challenges in providing and improving patient care in our partnership countries.

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Voices of the College


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As we anticipate 2024, we look back at some of our most popular blog posts from 2023, which showcased raising skin cancer awareness in the Abenaki community, embracing various personal identities, finding a career in medicine through lived experience, first-generation student success, and a non-traditional route to medical education.” 

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