Interview Tips

The media frequently request to interview our faculty. Please contact Janet Franz, if the media reaches out to you directly. 


Your introduction should include the Larner College of Medicine name, for instance, “Sally Smith, <title>, from the Larner College of Medicine at the University of Vermont. “

Tips for Interviewing on Television  

  1. Make a connection with the reporter. Use his or her name and make constant eye contact as you would normally do when speaking to anyone. 

  2. If it’s appropriate, be energetic, smile, be friendly.

  3. Watch your “ums” and “ahs.” They can affect your credibility. 

  4. Gesture normally. It’s good to use your hands as long as they are not in front of your face. 

  5. Keep hands above the table if you are seated at a table. 

  6. Time will fly, so don't wait to start communicating your key messages.

  7. Remind the interviewer of some key topics just before air time (“I hope you’ll ask me about….”). 

  8. If it’s a LIVE interview, and the reporter is being hostile, play “beat the clock” – use as much time as you can with each answer to cut down on the number of questions the reporter can ask. 

  9. Clothing:
    • Avoid busy prints and thin stripes. They can cause a distracting "rainbow" effect. 
    • Blue shirts, dark suits and red ties with a simple pattern work best. Avoid black and white clothing and loose or large jewelry