About Us

Among the more profound accomplishments of modern science has been the discovery that mind and body are not separate and independent, but rather interdependent parts of the same entity. Descartes, in setting the mind and body apart, was wrong and Western medicine was equally wrong in discounting the effect of mental states on physical condition. The emotional centers of the brain are tightly connected to the immune, endocrine, cardiovascular systems, pain and sleep centers.

In last few decades, many studies demonstrated that people who are chronically distressed have increased risk of getting a major illness. By contrast, a mind at peace protects the body's health. That is why the MindBody Medicine Clinic's programs are specifically designed using approaches such as:

  • relaxation techniques
  • cognitive behavioral therapy
  • stress management
  • communication skills

By themselves, "mind-body" approaches are often not sufficient for treatment of medical illnesses and should be combined with traditional/allopathic medicine. They are, however, essential components of health and wellness and, if used carefully and systematically, can prevent and alleviate many stress-related symptoms.