Hearts & Brains: UVM’s Newest COBRE Hits Its Stride at One-Year Anniversary  (07-22-21)

Not only is Vermont small and rural, but it’s also old. Currently, the state is ranked fourth in the nation for the relative number of residents over 65 years old – a whopping nearly 20 percent of Vermont’s population and rising.


Cushman & Colleagues' Study Shows Benefits of Early Anticlotting Therapy in Moderate COVID-19 (07-13-21)

COVID-19 is marked by heightened inflammation and abnormal clotting in the blood vessels, particularly in the lungs, and is believed to contribute to progression to severe disease and death. New trial results show that administering a full dose of a standard blood thinner early to moderately ill hospitalized patients with COVID-19 could halt the thrombo-inflammation process and reduce the risk of severe disease and death. 

Plante & Colleagues' Study Details First AI Tool to Help Labs Rule-Out COVID-19 (12-14-20)

Hospital-based laboratories and doctors at the front line of the COVID-19 pandemic might soon add artificial intelligence to their testing toolkit. A recent study conducted with collaborators from the University of Vermont and Cedars-Sinai describes the performance of South Burlington, Vt.-based Biocogniv’s new AI-COVID™ software. The team found high accuracy in predicting the probability of COVID-19 infection using routine blood tests, which can help hospitals reduce the number of patients referred for scarce PCR testing.


Plante Appointed Bloomfield Professor (9-16-20)

Timothy Plante '06 M.D. '10, M.H.S., assistant professor of medicine, has been appointed the Martin E. Bloomfield '56 M.D. '60 and Judith S. Bloomfield '59 Early Career Professor in Cardiovascular Research at the University of Vermont's Larner College of Medicine.


Cushman and Nelson Receive COBRE Award for Vermont Center for Cardiovascular and Brain Health (8-13-20)

The University of Vermont is now home to a new Center of Biomedical Research Excellence–the Vermont Center for Cardiovascular and Brain Health–thanks to funding from the National Institute of General Medical Sciences. Co-led by Professor of Medicine Mary Cushman, M.D., M.Sc., and Chair and Professor of Pharmacology Mark Nelson, Ph.D., the center will bring together junior and senior researchers to conduct team science across disciplines to determine causes and suggest optimal treatments for cardiovascular disease, the leading causes of death and dementia in the U.S.


Cushman Quoted in MSN article on Preventing Blood Clots (8-7-20)

Mary Cushman, M.D., M.Sc., professor of medicine, was quoted in an MSN article, titled "Even if You Exercise Regularly, this Oen Habit Could Undo All Your Hard Work," about the importance of not only exercise, but also how active you are on a daily basis, to prevent blood clots and other clotting disorders.


Cushman Receives American Heart Association's Award of Meritorious Achievement (7-14-20)

Over the last three decades, Mary Cushman, M.D., M.Sc., professor of medicine at the University of Vermont (UVM), has emerged as a national leader in cardiovascular health.  But the journal hasn't been easy - she's had to overcome more obstacles than most of her male counterparts. 


Keeping Your Heart and Brain Healthy During COVID-19 Webinar (4-23-20)

COVID-19 is prompting widespread questions and concerns about the heightened risk for those with heart disease and stroke survivors. This webinar features guest speakers Mary Cushman, MD, MSc, Professor of Medicine at University of Vermont (UVM) Larner College of Medicine and American Heart Association Eastern States Board Member, Jan Carney, MD, MPH, Associate Dean for Public Health and Health Policy at UVM Larner College of Medicine, and Sherrie Khadanga MD, Cardiologist and Assistant Professor of Medicine at UVM Larner College of Medicine.


Cushman Comments on Coronavirus and Blood Type in Healthline (3-22-2020)

Professor of Medicine in the Hematology/Oncology Division, Mary Cushman, M.D., M.Sc. was quoted in a recent Healthline article, titled "Does Your Blood Type Increase Your Risk for Coronavirus?" 


Cushman Quoted in U.S. News on Blood Type & Blood Clot Risk Study (1-23-2020)

People with blood types A and B may have higher risks for developing dangerous blood clots compared to people who have type O blood. That's according to new research that also showed a slightly higher risk for certain types of heart disease among the A and B groups.


Silverman & Plante's Study Finds Link between Beta Blocker Use & Hospitalizations (12-04-2019)
Nearly six million Americans have heart failure, a leading driver of healthcare costs in the United States. The “stiff heart” heart failure variant accounts for about half of all cases and the vast majority of such patients take beta-blocker medications despite unclear benefit from their regular use. A new publication in JAMA Network Open links use of beta-blockers to heart failure hospitalizations among those with this common “stiff heart” heart failure sub-type.


Cushman and Copeland Named to List of World’s Most Influential Researchers (11-20-2019)
Two University of Vermont Larner College of Medicine faculty have been named to a list of the world’s most influential researchers, based on the number of times their published studies have been cited by other researchers over the past decade. Researchers on the list are in the top 1 percent of all scholars whose work has been cited. The prestigious Highly Cited Researchers list is compiled and published annually by Clarivate Analytics. College of Medicine faculty named to the list are Mary Cushman, M.D., M.Sc., professor of medicine and of pathology and laboratory medicine, and William Copeland, Ph.D., professor of psychiatry. In addition, Taylor Ricketts, Ph.D., director of UVM’s Gund Institute for Environment, was also named to the list.


Tracy on WCAX's You Can Quote Me (07-14-2019)
This Week on "You Can Quote Me," We're doing a special sunday science edition. We're learning about a $21 million study that UVM College of Medicine is taking part in.  It will explore why some people born in the rural south are less healthy and may die sooner. One of the researchers on the project joins me in studio to explain their role.


UVM Part of NIH Study of Rural South's Health & Longevity Challenges (05-22-2019)  

Why are some people born in the rural South less healthy and prone to die sooner?


2019 - 2020 University Scholars (05-03-2019)

The University Scholars program recognizes distinguished UVM faculty members for sustained excellence in research, creative and scholarly activities. The Scholars are selected by a faculty panel based upon nominations submitted by UVM colleagues. Mary Cushman, M.D., M.Sc., Professor of Medicine, Hematology/Oncology Division, Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, is an international leader and renowned expert on the epidemiology of cardiovascular and other diseases of aging with an emphasis on studying racial disparities. Her research has led to significant improvements in the clinical care of cardiovascular disease, stroke and venous thrombosis.


Overweight kids at higher risk for blood clots as adults (03-15-2019)

Overweight children may be more likely than normal-weight children to develop life-threatening blood clots as adults, a new Danish study suggests. The good news is, getting to a healthy weight by age 13 eliminated the extra risk.


Cushman Comments Featured in American Heart Association Story (03-15-2019)
The American Heart Association recently featured comments by Mary Cushman, M.D., UVM professor of medicine, in a story highlighting a Danish study that found a correlation between childhood obesity and the development of blood clots in adulthood.



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