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The Vermont Center for Cardiovascular and Brain Health (VCCBH) is an NIH funded Center of Biomedical Research Excellence (COBRE) that provides a platform to build sustainable research programs built on the exceptional potential of early career faculty.  We are studying the vital health problems facing society: cardiovascular disease, stroke and cognitive impairment.

Co-Director Corner

We are moving into our third year of NIH funding with great momentum, including our recent funding of two $200K Pilot Grant Awards to Dr Matthew Caporizzo (Department of Molecular Physiology and Biophysics) and Dr Mansour Gergi (Department of Medicine-Hematology/Oncology). Our other funded early career faculty are publishing in major journals like Circ ResJCI, PNAS, and Advances in Chronic Kidney Disease on topics ranging from Piezo Receptors as novel capillary mechanosensors in the control of cerebral blood flow to changes in systemic vascular resistance associated with activation of the renin-aldosterone-angiotensin signaling axis during pregnancy.  We have a lineup of speakers slated for our Monthly Conference and Journal Club, and planning is underway for our Annual Symposium June 15-16, 2023.  We encourage UVM junior faculty to watch for our call for applications for our $200,000 Early Career Pilot Grant Award in November.

Please let us know if you have any questions and we wish you all a great fall semester.

-Mary & Mark

Mark NelsonMark Nelson, Ph.D.


Upcoming Events

Monthly Conference 

Matthew Caporizzo, PhD
Friday, December 16, 2022
9:00-10:00 AM EDT
Location: HSRF 400 

Monthly Journal Club

Timothy Plante, MD
Tuesday, December 20, 2022
9:00-10:00 AM
Location HSRF 400

2023 Symposium

June 15-16, 2023
Davis Center, UVM

Schedule coming soon!


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Recent News

VCCBH Request for Applications RFA, coming soon.

VCCBH Research Funding Announcement

VCCBH COBRE Project Director Sherrie Khadanga, MD had the results of her randomized clinical trial (RCT) examining high-intensity interval training (HIIT) for women in cardiac rehabilitation published online in JAMA Cardiology on November 24, 2021.