College Celebrates Graduates at 2019 Graduate Hooding Ceremony

December 16, 2019 by Michelle Bookless

On Wednesday, December 11, 2019, the University of Vermont Graduate College and UVM Graduate Student Senate hosted the annual Graduate Hooding Ceremony at the Ira Allen Chapel. Among the attendees were 14 master and doctor of philosophy graduates from the UVM Larner College of Medicine. They are part of a cohort of 41 students graduating from the College's master and doctor of philosophy programs in the 2019-2020 academic year.

UVM Larner College of Medicine Master of Public Health graduates Jennifer Campbell, Caitlin Beaudet, Katherine Copp, and Kerry Farrell pose that the UVM Graduate Hooding Ceremony on December 11, 2019.

On Wednesday, December 11, 2019, Avery Rasmussen, a student in the UVM Larner College of Medicine's Master of Public Health program and vice president of the University of Vermont Graduate Student Senate, welcomed guests and fellow graduate students to the annual Graduate Hooding Ceremony. "Why would anyone seek out a challenge or difficult situation?" she asked the crowd. "Because that is when you grow and truly find out what you are made of."

The event, held in the Ira Allen Chapel, is a ceremonial landmark in graduate education and a recognition of the completion of the master's and doctoral degree students' studies.

At UVM, graduate students who have (or will) successfully complete their programs in August, October, and January are invited to participate and be hooded by their faculty advisor or another faculty member who has mentored them during their program.

This year, the College celebrated the achievements of 41 graduates from its Doctor of Philosophy and master's degree programs, which include the Master of Public Health, Master of Clinical and Translational Science, Master of Science in Medical Science, Master of Science in Pharmacology, Master of Science in Pathology, and Doctor of Philosophy in Cellular, Molecular, and Biomedical Sciences.

The 2019-2020 graduates from these programs are recognized below.

Master of Public Health

  • Caitlin Marie Beaudet
  • Jennifer A. Campbell
  • Katherine Luella Copp
  • Kerry Farrell
  • Cecillia Idman-Rait
  • Jules O. Wetchi
  • Courtney Audrey Williams
  • Courtney Reback Williams

Master of Science in Clinical and Translational Science

  • Daniel R. Douce

Master of Science in Medical Science

  • Julia Adelman
  • Taylor Mattie Barrow
  • Matthew J. Breseman
  • Noah Street Dickerman
  • Kevin Richard Feldhaus
  • Camille M. LeBlanc
  • Caroline George
  • Morgan Denise Lyttle
  • Dinh Ngoc Nguyen
  • Kiesha S. Paul
  • Jeremy J. Peavey
  • Abby E. Pelletier
  • Leah R. Perez
  • Kelsey Elaine Shaffer Phipps
  • Lauren A. Schiff
  • Alexis Schneider
  • Dominick Troendle
  • Ashley Deann Zapata
  • Tal Tsafnat
  • Cole Zweber

Master of Science in Pharmacology

  • Caroline Elaine Adams
  • Sarah Mohammed Al Ramadhan
  • Shelby Fertal
  • Virginia Ngai
  • Grace K. Voorhees
  • Sahene Warrick

Master of Science in Pathology

  • Benjamin Frederick Smith
  • Erica Lee Worswick

Doctorate of Philosophy in Cellular, Molecular, and Biomedical Sciences

  • Abbas Raza
  • Brittany L. Carroll
  • Blas Anselmo Guigni
  • Phillip Blake Munson