Vietnam_Kelada 280x93Since October of 2012, the Western Connecticut Health Network (WCHN) and Cho Ray Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam have had a developing partnership. Dr. Majid Sadigh, an infectious disease specialist, and Dr. Robert Jarrett, a cardiologist, first came to Cho Ray and saw an opportunity for physicians and students from both sides to gain valuable experience, and their vision was readily accepted by the director of Cho Ray.

Since then, physicians and medical students from both sides have had interest in developing their global health knowledge. Dr. Lan Phan of Cho Ray Hospital spent 4 months in Connecticut with the cardiology team, as well as interacting with University of Vermont medical students. Hany Abdallah, from the Class of 2014, spent 6 weeks at Cho Ray Hospital in cardiology, cardiovascular surgery, and infectious disease. In August of 2014, Class of 2015 student John Paul Kelada spent 6 weeks there in the ICU department, tropical disease, and cardiology services. All have had great experiences and have been strong advocates for increasing participation among other medical personnel.

Interest has grown from both sides. Many physicians from Cho Ray hospital have expressed interest, and we are planning on bringing two Vietnamese doctors, one cardiologist and one infection disease specialist to the U.S. to take part in our research scholar program. Residents and medical students have also inquired about rotating through Cho Ray Hospital.

Program Directors

Lan_Phan 150x200

Phan Thanh Lan, M.D.  
Vitenam Site Director

Jarrett_Robert 150x200

Robert Jarrett, M.D.
US Site Co-Director

Jarrett_Menoo 150x200

Menoo Jarrett
US Site Co-Director