Sacred Heart University

Sacred Heart 280x240The Sacred Heart University (SHU) School of Nursing has joined Western CT Health Network in their efforts to engage in global health awareness.

Current partnership projects are taking place in the Paraiso, Dominican Republic and with ACCESS in Nakaseke, Uganda. In 2014, Michelle Cole and Christina Gunther, along with Mitra Sadigh, conducted a health assessment survey for Hospital Programa de Asistencia a Paraíso (Hospital PAP) in Paraiso, Dominican Republic. The objective of the project was to survey members of the community to determine healthcare needs and make recommendations for inpatient readiness at Hospital PAP. A random sample of 105 households was surveyed for their health condition and health related concerns. The data showed a clear need and desire for a fully functioning hospital. Survey respondents expressed frustration with traveling one hour for services, as the trip is not easily affordable. The most acute healthcare needs of the community are hypertension, diabetes, pain, dengue and chikungunya treatment and obstetrics.

SHU's School of Nursing will participate in the collaboration through education and student clinical rotation with additional opportunities for the PA, OT and PT Departments. The first group of Family Nurse Practitioner students and faculty will travel to provide a week long focused clinic for women's health and pediatrics.

A preliminary proposal was sent to ACCESS in Nakaseke, Uganda to establish a partnership based on building nursing curriculum there. Needs include supporting collaborative interdisciplinary research, grant writing and curricula development enlisting faculty efforts with doctoral level student support. A team from SHU will travel to Uganda in the summer to begin the first steps in building this collaborative partnership.