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Dean Rick MorinOn May 15th, Kazan State Medical University (KSMU) held their Annual Celebration Day to commemorate the institution’s 203rd anniversary. Dean Rick Morin sent a videotaped speech that was broadcast at the celebration. In his remarks, Dean Morin commented on KSMU’s remarkable longevity and success over two centuries and invited members of the institution to join the College of Medicine for its 200th anniversary celebration in 2021. In addition, he applauded KSMU for having caring physicians, a kind administration, and for making a significant impact on the Larner College of Medicine’s global health participants, and expressed enthusiasm for continual growth of the institutions’ collaboration in the coming years.   Watch the video >>

Photo below: The Director of the Global Health Program, Trefz Family Endowed Chair traveled to Kazan, Russia to attend Kazan State Medical University’s Annual Celebration Day. During his visit, he taught annual courses in tropical medicine and biostatistics and delivered multiple talks on global health and infectious diseases. During this visit, he was elected as the Vice President of the International Scientific Board of KSMU.

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Member Highlights


Inga NazarovaInga Nazarova

I first became interested in global health after hearing how greatly the program impacts participants’ outlooks and value systems. With rising technological development, we are increasingly distracted from considering ethical and moral matters, resulting in political and cultural turmoil. The program helps combat this by exposing people to real problems in unfamiliar environments, causing them to open their eyes, see others in a new way, and feel connected to people from different places. From that place of connection, they are willing to commit to affecting change.

The program’s philosophy is that there are no borders in the world, for people or for disease; that a problem in one place affects a problem in another place. We should tackle healthcare problems together and learn from each other’s experiences. My work coordinating grants and educational programs in the Office of International Affairs at KSMU allows me to explore differences while helping passionate individuals emulate this philosophy.


Dr. Molly MooreDr. Molly Moore

On May 4th, the Global Health Leadership Team was awarded the Curriculum Development and Scholarship Grant from the Teaching Academy at the Larner College of Medicine. The annual grant provides $10,000 to medical educators to promote innovation and support the priority areas of active learning, learner wellbeing and pathway/track development.

The Principal Investigator, Dr. Molly Moore, along with her colleagues Drs. Mariah McNamara, Michelle Mertz and Anne Dougherty will be working on the creation of an integrative Global Health Scholars Track for the Larner College of Medicine. They will be building on existing global health curricula and will focus on the development of active learning materials, including use of the Simulation Laboratory. With this grant, a track specific for those interested in global health can be developed and integrated into the curriculum. 


Yulia TroshinaYulia Troshina, A neurologist from KSMU, was selected for two months of training beginning July first at Norwalk Hospital in neurology and global health.


Global Health Program Events News

May 5: Director of the Global Health Program, Trefz Family Endowed Chair spoke about Schistosoma at the noon conference at Danbury Hospital.

May 8: Rafael Khalitov, M.D., a graduate of KSMU, began his four-week training in Norwalk Hospital’s Intensive and Progressive Care Units.

May 10: The Poster “Creating a Bidirectional Culture of Safety in Global Health Electives Through Development of Comprehensive Safety Protocols” was presented at Belsky Research Day at Danbury Hospital

May 12: The Director of the Global Health Program, Trefz Family Endowed Chair spoke about the program at the Yale Affiliate Hospitals Annual Retreat.

May 15: One senior medical student and three residents from KSMU were selected for the global health elective. Two of the selected individuals will spend their elective in the Dominican Republic, and the other two in Uganda. (See photo below)

May 18: Fourth-year medical students who completed their global health electives underwent debriefing sessions.

May 18: Fourth-year medical students applying for the global health elective were interviewed.


Students selected from KSMU elective


Global Health 2016
Annual Report


  • Congratulations to Taylor Goller, Alexandra Miller, Molly Moore, and Anne Dougherty for acceptance of their paper “Pre-Departure Training for Global Health Electives at U.S. Medical Schools” to Medical Science Educator.

  • Congratulations to Drs. Anne Dougherty, Michelle Mertz, Mariah McNamara, and Molly Moore for their upcoming presentations on the topics of pre-departure training (oral presentation), human trafficking (poster presentation), and establishment of a global health track (poster presentation), respectively, at the International Association of Medical Science Educators (IAMSE) Conference.

June Calendar

  • June 2: The Director of the Global Health Program, Trefz Family Endowed Chair will speak about hydatid cysts at Danbury Hospital’s Department of Medicine for the noon conference.

  • June 3: 3 Students from RUSM will be going to Vietnam for their Global Health elective.

  • June 5: Julia Varughese, Clinical Director at AmeriCares, will give a talk about infectious diarrheas at the noon conference at Norwalk Hospital.

  • June 5: The Director of the Global Health Program, Trefz Family Endowed Chair will make an administrative visit to the UVM Larner College of Medicine.

  • June 5: A pre-departure orientation session will be held for students leaving for their global health rotation.

  • June 10-13: The 21st annual IAMSE Conference will be held at the University of Vermont. Register here >>

  • June 11-17: Professor Rinat Sabirov, the associate dean of medical education in Naberezhnye Chelny (distant campus of KSMU) will visit WCHN.  

  • June 12: A Global Health Leadership Team Meeting will be held.

  • June 12: Dr. Nuñez will visit UVM to attend IAMSE, speak for Family Medicine Grand Rounds at 8 a.m and have multiple meetings with UVM leadership.

  • June 17: Bootcamp orientation, including simulation, will be held for first-year medical students undergoing their global health electives.

  • June 26: Nine first-year medical students will begin their global health electives, accompanied by residents and faculty members.

  • June 27: The Director of the Global Health Program, Trefz Family Endowed Chair will speak about the structure and function of the UVM/WCHN Global Health Program at both the UVM Education Council in the Department of Medicine and the Medical Executive Committee of Danbury Hospital.

April Review

  • April 3: Liliya Yausheva, M.D., a neurology resident at KSMU, began her five-week training in the Intensive Care Unit at Norwalk Hospital.

  • April 7-9: Several members of the Global Health Program attended and presented at the 8th Annual Consortium of Universities for Global Health (CUGH) Conference, centered on the theme “Healthy People, Healthy Ecosystems: Implementation, Leadership & Sustainability in Global Health,” held in Washington, DC.

  • April 9: John Leopold, Director of the Simulation Lab at Danbury Hospital, traveled to the Dominican Republic for one week to establish research projects regarding safety protocols and to share ideas pertaining to partnership based in simulation projects.

  • April 10: The Director of the Global Health Program, Trefz Family Endowed Chair made an administrative visit to the UVM Larner College of Medicine.

  • April 12: Julia Varughese, Clinical Director at AmeriCares, gave a presentation entitled “Fighting Cholera in Haiti: The Anatomy of a Disaster Response” during Global Health Evening at Norwalk Hospital.

  • April 13: Dr. Bulat Ziganshin and the Director of the Global Health Program, Trefz Family Endowed Chair gave a talk at the Yale School of Public Health about their involvement in capacity building in Liberia, Russia, and Uganda.

  • April 15: Dr. Do, M.D., anesthesiologist from Vietnam, returned home after three months of training at Norwalk Hospital.

  • April 19: Dr. Mariah McNamara and Audree Frey, Coordinator of the Global Health Program, were the invited guests to a monthly lunch with the deans and students for open discussion.

  • April 21-23: Unite for Sight Conference in New Haven; poster presentation by Amy Harding Schumer “Medical students ranking of global health competencies in comparison to  the global health experts”

  • April 23-25: Global Health Week at UVM

  • April 25: 2 students from AUC returned back to the USA after finishing their Global Health elective in Vietnam.