About the Global Health Program 

Message from the Director

It’s hard to believe that the Global Health Program at the University of Vermont Robert Larner, M.D. College of Medicine/Western Connecticut Health Network is already entering its sixth year. During this short time, it has gained national and international recognition as a leader in global health and medical education. As active members of the Consortium of Universities in Global Health, our program delegates serve as keynote speakers, subcommittee members, and poster presenters at the annual conference. In 2017, we established ourselves as our own unique brand in global health focused on humanism, bidirectionality, and respect, centered on one overarching theme: to advocate for the voiceless. 

All our programs have flourished through our esteemed expanse of partnerships with prestigious medical universities and institutions, as well as community organizations and hospitals around the world- in the Dominican Republic, Russia, Uganda, Vietnam, and Zimbabwe. Toward our central goal of capacity building around human resources and medical education, we host and train over fifteen international guests from our partner sites every year. We are grateful for the meaningful relationships cultivated with all our program participants, from our students hosted by our partners to our partner’s students hosted here at home. As instruments of change in their medical education departments, hospitals, and communities, these alumni can now contribute to the communities that impacted them so deeply during their global health rotations. 

Moving forward into this next era of our program, we hope to conjoin all our resources as a unified force with which to positively impact underserved communities here at home and abroad through bidirectional exchange, respect, and trust. Our collectively gained momentum can be used to incite significant movement. We have already used our resources to carry out a number of meaningful research projects focused on community health and development. 

We are indebted to the devotion of our national and international partners — medical students, residents, faculty, and community members- all of whom have been instrumental in shaping our philosophy and helping the program flourish in such a short period of time. They stand by us, and we by them. Uniting in the goal of advocating for the underserved has infused remarkable energy into the program. The walls between our borders have diffused, and our many voices merged into one: that which advocates for the voiceless.

Majid Sadigh, M.D.
Director of Global Health Program
Trefz Family Endowed Chair in Global Health
Western Connecticut Health Network

Program History

In 2012, the Global Health Program was established through the Western Connecticut Health Network (WCHN) in conjunction with the Larner College of Medicine, strengthening an already flourishing relationship with the College that sends dozens of medical students to Danbury Hospital each year for clinical rotations. The exchange of knowledge between WCHN and the Larner College of Medicine has fostered the rapid growth of the Global Health Program.


2017 Annual Report

Global Health Annual Report

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